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In 2018, based on a recommendation, Hans and Evert-Jan approached André and Bert Leideman. A series of young pigeons transferred to the Eijerkamp lofts and performed impressively.

Therefore, it's not surprising that Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp seized the opportunity when the Leideman brothers auctioned their racing team at PIPA in 2020, acquiring some of the best racing pigeons until then. Among them were Viton"Viton" and Daughter Goed Grijs"Daughter Goed Grijs", the parents of Speedy Grizzle"Speedy Grizzle", which had already arrived at the lofts as a young pigeon in 2019 and became the 1st National Ace Pigeon in the Speed.
Viton"Viton" and Daughter Goed Grijs"Daughter Goed Grijs" were raced by the Leideman brothers. Viton"Viton" won, a.o., a 1st prize from Deurne against 4,299 pigeons and a 3rd prize from Weert against 11,059 pigeons. Daughter Goed Grijs"Daughter Goed Grijs" also achieved numerous top prizes in her career, including a 1st prize from Hannut against 5,447 pigeons and another 1st prize from Chimay against 1,464 pigeons. They were both top flyers before transitioning to breeding. 

In the meantime, many other pigeons from the Leideman brothers have moved to Brummen and are of great value both in the racing lofts and the breeding lofts.