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Robin and Bonte Freddy

Robin and Bonte Freddy

Introduction of the De Rauw-Sablon Strain

The basis of the De Rauw-Sablon strain at Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp was formed by pigeons from André Verbesselt, branch loft of Marcel Aelbrecht. From his top hen "Miss Joice" (ancestor of many top performing pigeons at one-loft races) offspring were purchased. Also several grandchildren form "Bak 17" were acquired. On a PIPA auction Eijerkamp purchased the De Rauw-Sablon wonder pigeon "Robin".
In 2010 a young pigeon, out of the "Bonte Freddy", a full sister to the legendary "Blauwe Prins", was purchased from Pros Roosen....Hans Eijerkamp "A designed purchase, because we are convinced that the "Freddy" line is a super cross on pigeons of the Dream Pair who appear often in the pedigrees of the from Verbesselt pigeons.
After the passing of Pros Roosen "Best Freddy" came to Brummen, a direct son of "Freddy" x "Olivia" and at the Pros Roosen total sale, five children out of the famous "Blauwe Prins" - who was sold to China for a record amount of 156,000 Euros - were purchased. This purchase by Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp ensured that the legacy of this top crack will live on in Europe.
De Rauw foundation breeders at Eijerkamp
  • "Andre" (direct Verbesselt)
  • "Best Freddy" (direct Pros Roosen)
  • "Robin" (grandson "Marseille" x "Het Fijn Blauw")
  • "Bonte Freddy" (sister "Blauwe Prins" Pros Roosen)
  • "Golden Eye" ( out of No. Pair Verbesselt)
  • "Prince Marseille" (out of "Blauwe Prins" x "Dochter Marseille")
Racing pigeon for sale Julien
Julien Cock
USD 816
Racing pigeon for sale Yadiel
Yadiel Cock
USD 653
Maura Sold Maura Sold
USD 653
Racing pigeon for sale Angelina
Angelina Hen
USD 870
Racing pigeon for sale Ronan
Ronan Cock
USD 544