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Robin and Bonte Freddy

Robin and Bonte Freddy

Introduction of the De Rauw-Sablon Strain

The basis of the De Rauw-Sablon strain at Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp was formed by pigeons from André Verbesselt, branch loft of Marcel Aelbrecht. From his top hen "Miss Joice" (ancestor of many top performing pigeons at one-loft races) offspring were purchased. Also several grandchildren form "Bak 17" were acquired. On a PIPA auction Eijerkamp purchased the De Rauw-Sablon wonder pigeon "Robin".
In 2010 a young pigeon, out of the "Bonte Freddy", a full sister to the legendary "Blauwe Prins", was purchased from Pros Roosen....Hans Eijerkamp "A designed purchase, because we are convinced that the "Freddy" line is a super cross on pigeons of the Dream Pair who appear often in the pedigrees of the from Verbesselt pigeons.
After the passing of Pros Roosen "Best Freddy" came to Brummen, a direct son of "Freddy" x "Olivia" and at the Pros Roosen total sale, five children out of the famous "Blauwe Prins" - who was sold to China for a record amount of 156,000 Euros - were purchased. This purchase by Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp ensured that the legacy of this top crack will live on in Europe.
De Rauw foundation breeders at Eijerkamp
  • "Andre" (direct Verbesselt)
  • "Best Freddy" (direct Pros Roosen)
  • "Robin" (grandson "Marseille" x "Het Fijn Blauw")
  • "Bonte Freddy" (sister "Blauwe Prins" Pros Roosen)
  • "Golden Eye" ( out of No. Pair Verbesselt)
  • "Prince Marseille" (out of "Blauwe Prins" x "Dochter Marseille")
Racing pigeon for sale Calliope
Calliope Hen
USD 1,018
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Lycurgus Hen
USD 1,414