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Son "Miss Saigon" x "Bartoli"
Father of
3. Nat Chantilly   
8. Boxtel     2,644 pigeons
14. Harchies   5,807 pigeons



"Bartoli" won a.o.
10. Olympiad pigeon Blackpool 1999 All-round
1. Chateauroux Parc. 1,112 pigeons
2. Orleans 2,165 pigeons
4. NPO Orleans 13,250 pigeons
4. NPO Chateauroux Parc. 7,470 pigeons
4. Bourges 1,327 pigeons
5. Pont St. Maxence 1,966 pigeons

Miss Saigon


"Miss Saigon" won a.o.
2. Acepigeon WHZB Short Distance

Descendants to "Miss Saigon" won a.o.
1. Nat ACE Young Birds The Netherlands
1. Nat ACE One-Day Distance Fondspiegel 2013

1. Nat ACE All-round FRSC Romania 2012
1. Nat ACE Short Distance Croatia 2010
1. Arriving pigeon SAMDPR One Loft race
1. NPO Peronne              38,775 pigeons
1. Nivelles 27,965 pigeons
1. NPO Laon 27,258 pigeons
1. Weert 20,388 pigeons
1. Nat. Sens 15,090 pigeons
1. NPO Orleans 14,285 pigeons

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