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The introduction of the Eijerkamp-Janssen strain.

In 1964 Hans Eijerkamp purchased, from the Janssen brothers, Arendonk, the "Oude Bange van 64", according to those in the know, one of the best breeders ever produced by the Janssen Brothers. But, a daughter out of the "De Stier", a son out of "De Oude Witpen" and a son out of the "Kaaskop", also moved to the Eijerkamp lofts. These purchases heralded the beginning of an era, an era which to this day has not ended, when one sees that many of the recent toppers are directly down from these Eijerkamp-Janssen founding pigeons. 
When Hans Eijerkamp and Walter Jasynski paired the "Oude Bange van 64" together with a daughter of the "Merckx", an absolute top foundation pair was born!! The best breeding daughter out of this pair is the "Bange 780 hen", who is the grandmother of the Olympiade pigeons Flits 85"Flits 85" and the Jonge Generaal"Jonge Generaal".
An important role within the Eijerkamp-Janssen strain, was set aside for pigeons from Wout Smeulders, from who, amongst others, the magnificent "Generaal" moved to the Eijerkamps. These Smeulder pigeons played a great role in the pedigree of the "De Fameuze 05", who after winning his title of 1st National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance WHZB in 1981, via Bertus Camphuis, took up residence in the Eijerkamp lofts and since then has claimed the role of an indisputable foundation sire. His offspring excelled all over the world and for Eijerkamp he was responsible for building the "05"dynasty from which Aces such as James Bond"James Bond"(1st National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance 1984), Glamourboy"Glamourboy" (1st National Etampes 13,842 pigeons) Wonderboy 05"Wonderboy 05" and Wonderboy 06"Wonderboy 06" (2nd and 4th National Ace Pigeons WHZB 1990) developed into new icons.
New giants such as Porsche Bond"Porsche Bond" (1st Ace Pigeon Rijn-IJssel) and La Prima Vera"La Prima Vera" (10 x 1st) were born and they easily took over the role of star breeders from their illustrious forbearers. 
For the Eijerkamp lofts themselves the Eijerkamp-Janssens during this period provided for, till then unknown successes. All three of the Olympiade pigeons Romario"Romario"(Gran Canaria 1993), Flits 85"Flits 85" (Utrecht 1995) and Jonge Generaal"Jonge Generaal" (Basel 1997) can thank the Eijerkamp-Janssen base pigeons for their genes. Later toppers such as Silvester"Silvester" (1st National Vitesse Pigeon WHZB 1997), Mister Loverman"Mister Loverman" (1st National Cock WHZB 2000) and Lady Jumbo"Lady Jumbo"(1st National Hen WHZB 2000), came along. In short: the impact of the Eijerkamp-Janssen strain, on the racing pigeon sport in the Netherlands, has been extraordinary!
Summary of the foundation pigeons of the Eijerkamp-Janssen strain: