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Black Katja


Daughter "Black Giant" x "Katja"

"Black Giant" is won a.o.
1. Nat. Bergerac against 18.473 pigeons
1. Ruffec against 1.583 pigeons

"Katja" won a.o.
1. Nat. Bergerac against 39.069 pigeons

Black Giant


"Black Giant" won a.o.
1. Nat. Bergerac 18,473 pigeons
1. Ruffec 1,583 pigeons
19. Nat. Bergerac 19,498 pigeons
41. Nat. Bergerac 15,679 pigeons
92. Nat. Ruffec 9,904 pigeons

Descendants to "Black Giant" won a.o.
1. Nat. Barcelona 12,657 pigeons
1. Int. Pau 8,601 pigeons
1. Bordeaux 6,164 pigeons
1. Nat. Bordeaux 5,004 pigeons
1. Nat. Cahors 4,887 pigeons
1. Nat. Limoges 2,942 pigeons




"Katja" won 

1. Nat. Bergerac against 39,069 pigeons