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1. Nationaal Brive against 6.228 pigeons in 1996

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Top references

  • Hungary
    Czegle AtillaTwice prize on the Kiel Marathon Race (1000 km) against 1,612 pigeons
    11/09/2010 - Twice prize on the Kiel Marathon Race (1000 km) against 1,612 pigeons

    In 2006 Atilla bought two pigeons from Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp:
    A cock NL06-1768183 a van Wanroy out of the "Dark Giant" (out of a son of "Kleine Donkere" X daughter "Black Giant") and a daughter of "Bohdi"(from "Bohdi" X daughter "Kleine Donkere").
    A hen"NL06-1768179" a van der Wegen out a "Kleinzoon Ronaldo" ("Blauwe Koster" X "Bontje van de 44") and a daughter of "Bonfire" ("Bonfire" X daughter "Straaljager").

    Atilla bred two hens out of the above two pigeons: "HU-08-M-117836" and "HU-07-M-112611". These two hens were entered in the Kiel Marathon Race (1000 km).
    The "836" placed 104th and the "611" placed 117th for Atilla against 1,612 pigeons.

  • Belgium
    Verdeyen Bart Steenokkerzeel1st Barcelona Belgium against 12,657 birds
    12/07/2010 - 1st Barcelona Belgium against 12,657 birds

    The youth takes over - Bart Verdeyen - Steenokkerzeel wins national Barcelona Belgium
    Barcelona… for many 'the' race of the year… the 'top classic' by far… but also the race that places our pigeon sport in the 'international spotlights', simply because the entire World is watching… and following the arrivals closely.

    The 'youth' in power!
    Whichever way you look at it… the racing conditions were in any case 'heavy'… and yet it was a piece of a millimetre spurt for the first 3 pigeons at international level. The international victory went to Germany and Heller Burkhard (with 954,96 m/min), just in front of the first Belgian pigeon and also 'national winner' against 12,657 birds… the 24 year old Bart Verdeyen from Steenokkerzeel, who clocked his pigeon at 10h39'31" from a distance of 1076,498 Km with a velocity of 953,90 m/min. With Bart Verdeyen, the 'youth' was then in 'power' from Barcelona. Bart initially started with a few middle distance pigeons from father Francis… but set off in search of suitable reinforcements to strengthen his long distance ambitions. The brand new winner of the 1st Nat Barcelona was born in the lofts of his 'youthful' sport friend Koen De Backer… very nice! From these, 3 remain… which were all entered for Barcelona.

    The '1° Nat Barcelona-winner' ring B08-6169265 'Black Shadow' stems from a mix of  'extreme middle distance' and 'middle distance pigeons'! The sire was bred from the great Eijerkamp distance lines as his father is 'Son DaxterDaxter 014/03' (son out the 'DaxterDaxter', winner 6° Nat. Mont de Marsan, 20° Nat. Dax, 362° Nat. Bergerac when paired to daughter 'Bonfire', winner 1° Nat. Brive 6.228 p.) x 'Inbred Black Giant 582/03' (out a son 'Black Giant' x Granddaughter 'Black Giant'). The 'Black Giant' is the great ancestor of the Eijerkamp distance strain in this moment. Descendants of this crack already won
    • 1. International Biarritz
    • 1. International Ruffec
    • 1. National Barcelona (Belgium)
    • 1. National Cahors (Netherlands)
    • 1. National Perpignan (Germany)
    • 1. National Montauban (Germany)
    • 1. NPO Bordeaux afd. 3 (Netherlands)
    • 1. National Barcelona Zone 3 (Germany)
    • 1. National Ace pigeon Long distance of the Netherlands WHZB 2006
    • 1. National Ace pigeon Long distance of Germany 2005

    Mother of the Barcelona winner is the 'Blue Van de Wouwer' B05-6069350… full sister of the 1° Ace pigeon KFC. A pity that both parents of the 'National Barcelona winner' aren't alive anymore… that was definitely a couple with 'music for the future'!

    'Black Shadow' has given Bart Verdeyen  the best victory of his career!