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The long distance loft

The long distance loft

The Influence of the Eijerkamp Long Distance Strain

A leading role in the present day colony that populates the long distance lofts at Greenfield Stud has been taken up by the strain developed by the long distance flyers from Maastricht in Limburg, Harry and Roger Wijnands. Besides different direct Wijnands pigeons having a significant dose of the "Blauwe Vanoppen", other top flyers carrying the Wijnands blood, such as the "Juwelier" and "Salinero", were acquired. They make ideal crossing material against the "new class" of Eijerkamp luminaries such as "Drogba", "Tiesto", "Rex", "Black Cahors" , "Mabel", etc.
Current top breeders in the Eijerkamp-Fond colony are:
  • "Drogba" (1st National Long Distance Pigeon of the Netherlands)
  • "Juwelier" (3rd International Mt. de Marson - Wijnands strain)
  • "Salinero" (1st National Bergerac and 2nd National Periqueux, Wijnands strain)
  • "Tiesto" (1st International Periqueux and 28th National Ruffec)
  • "Black Cahors" (1st National and 2nd International Cahors 2010)
  • "Rex" (12th National Long Distance Pigeon placing 9th National Angouleme and 34th International Brive)
  • "Mabel" (winner of 11th - 25th - 59th - National)
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