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The Origin of the Eijerkamp Long Distance Strain

The long distance loft
Love for the Long Distance.
In his development as an "all-round pigeon fancier" Hans Eijerkamp was seized by a deep love for the extreme long distance during the 1970's. On many of his loft visits Hans Eijerkamp became familiar with the impact of the classic races such as St. Vincent, Dax, Bergerac and Barcelona. Legendary tales about heroic pigeons at this discipline fascinated Hans Eijerkamp and he became determined to also obtain some of these strongmen for his breeding center and as it befits Hans Eijerkamp; then only the best is good enough.
At the time of, the purchase of the pure Jan Aarden pigeons from the dominant long distance flyer Ko Nipius from Middleharnes, tongues were wagging. "The pigeons from Steenbergen", in those years, were unbeatable and still "pure", "better long distance pigeons didn't exist in those days", recalls Hans Eijerkamp. "When I got these exceptionally soft dark bruisers in my hands, I was sold". Not much later Hans Eijerkamp was the first fancier to purchase an entire round of young pigeons from Adrianus van der Wegen and Sons from Steenbergen, at the very time that this loft stood at the pinnacle of its fame.
Later pure Van Wanroy pigeons, pigeons from Raymond Cobut, from Wim Muller and from the long distance flyer Harry and Roger Wijnands from Maastricht, Limburg, were acquired to strengthen the Eijerkamp lofts.
Over the years Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp have build a tremendous reputation at the extreme long distance. For many years at the Greenfield Stud and Ponderosa they endeavoured to obtain the highest honours and for many years, the combination of Eijerkamp-Muller successfully flew the ZLU program with great success.