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Influence of the van Loon strain at Eijerkamp

There is not a race at the Greenfield Stud where the Eijerkamp-Van Loon pigeons do not play a part in the top of the race result- especially when it comes to the prestigious one day NPO races. The long list of worldwide references shows that those who obtained the van Loon bloodlines from Eijerkamp, in large part, also experienced the class of this wonder strain. As exponent of the modern Eijerkamp pigeon Ché"Ché" plays an important part; he is a grandson of Chicago"Chicago" and also has the wonder pigeon "Flits" in his pedigree. Other direct children of Chicago"Chicago" who after having had a sublime racing career became star breeders are the nest mates Kain"Kain" and Abel"Abel", but also Gesto"Gesto" and Atilla"Atilla" ....
Van-Loon modern day star racers for the Eijerkamp lofts are: