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Eijerkamp-Willems Base Pigeons


The pigeons  in the Eisden lofts have shown by their past performances that they are of outstanding class. They have been brought to the height of the sport by their equally eminent trainer Bérke.
After the brilliant successes during the 90's with as the high point the 1st International Barcelona in 1996, the successes continued after the restart in 2005.
Amongst which the following prizes were won:

  • 1st Semi-National Jarnac in 2002
  • 1st Provincial Bordeaux in 2003
  • 1st Provincial Barcelona in 2004
  • Etc.

We could make the above list much longer but instead we point you to the following:
In 2010 an extraordinary performance was delivered on National Barcelona, placing 3 pigeons in the top 10 (5th, 6th and 8th) flying against 12,641 pigeons.
The Willems-Eijerkamp partnership has a formidable base on which to build additional successes in the  years to come. 
The pigeons that form the foundation of the loft are listed below and between the lofts in Eisden and Brummen birds will be exchanged through which the lines of the "Black Giant"Black Giant"", "Drogba"Drogba"" and "Salinero"Salinero""  will be tested by the Virtuoso Bérke, at the Eisden lofts.

The top pigeons at this time on the Eisden loft a.o. are:

Nero Pedigree
Asterix Pedigree
Oscar Pedigree
Milow Pedigree
Mike Pedigree
Sem Pedigree
Darco Pedigree
Obelix Pedigree
De Bijter Pedigree
Marco Pedigree
760- Duivin Pedigree
Alana Pedigree
Serena Pedigree
Ballerina Pedigree
Venus Pedigree
Marianne Pedigree
Maite Pedigree
Mathilde Pedigree
Eva Pedigree
Kim Pedigree
Maike Pedigree
Abby Pedigree
 “Danny II Pedigree