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Racing Pigeons for Sale

Status: Sold



Blauwe Caprio


Son of "Di Caprio" Dirk van Dyck
"Di Caprio" is son super breeder "Jackpot"

Descendants to "Blauwe Caprio" won a.o.
8. ACE Provincial Section 8 Young Birds
2. Chimay 7,048 pigeons
2. Marche 1,219 pigeons
4. Tongeren 2,572 pigeons
5. Tienen 6,267 pigeons



Daughter super racer/breeder "Euro" won a.o. :

1. European Ace Western Nations Cup Cat A 2004
1. Nat. Ace Youngbirds De Reisduif 2003
1. Nat. Ace Youngbirds Ave Regina 2003
1. Quievrain          against         2,687 pigeons
1. Quievrain against 2,516 pigeons
2. Quievrain against 4,924 pigeons
4. Quievrain against 2,120 pigeons

Descendants won a.o.
1. Olympiad pigeon Young birds Germany 2015
1. Nat. Ace Short distance Cananda 2013
and a long list of other first prizes
Status: Sold

Eurobella - NL17-1820756 - Heremans-CeustersV

Debug info: /pedigree5g.asp?PigeonId=274724

Eurobella - NL17-1820756 - Heremans-CeustersV

Shipping costs United States USD 160
- excl. quarantaine

- Quarantaine 75 days. Postage within the USA is not included. Hawaii at demand

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