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Racing Pigeons for Sale

Status: Sold



This hen was bred from super grandparents
"Thorwald" x "Kadootje"
"Euro" x daughter "Rossi
Is also inbred "Kadootje" super breeding hen and
daughter "Nieuwe Olympiade"

The best you can get of Heremans-Ceusters!!

Kapotte Teen


Son of "Thorwald" and "Kadootje" the super
breeding daughter of "Nieuwe Olympiade"
"Kadootje" is the grandmother of "Lynn":
Winner 3 x 1st prize

Ariana Euro


'Ariana Euro' is mother to
1. Tienen - 1.908 pigeons

'Ariana Euro' is daughter "Euro" winner a.o. :

1. European Ace Western Nations Cup Cat A 
1. Nat. Ace Youngbirds De Reisduif 2003
1. Nat. Ace Youngbirds Ave Regina 2003
1. Quievrain     against      2,687 pigeons
1. Quievrain against 2,516 pigeons
2. Quievrain against 4,924 pigeons
4. Quievrain against 2,120 pigeons

Status: Sold

Information : Mobile +31 651 805536  or e-mail:

Emelyse - NL17-1821669 - Heremans-CeustersV

Information : Mobile +31 651 805536  or e-mail:

Debug info: /pedigree5g.asp?PigeonId=275672

Emelyse - NL17-1821669 - Heremans-CeustersV

Shipping costs United States USD 180
- excl. quarantaine

- Quarantaine in The Netherlands 30 days - in Canada 45 days. After this pigeons to be isolated for another 30 days before they can be moved to the USA. Postage within the USA is not included. Hawaii at demand

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