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Week offers

  • Murphy's Leo


    Granddaughter "Olympic Leo" is winner 
    1. Olympiad pigeon Germany Cat D
    2. Nat Acepigeon Ace cock Germany All-round
    1. Kalisz 3,756 pigeons
    1. Neubrandenburg 3,517 pigeons
    1. Neubrandenburg        1,050 pigeons
    raced at W. Roeper 
    "Olympic Leo" is (grand)father
    1. Prov. Ace pigeon Allround Afd. 8 in 2018
    4. Nat. Ace pigeon S.D/M.D. Pipa 2019
    1. Geel                             6,739 pigeons
    1. Chalons 1,691 pigeons
    1. Fulda 5,961 pigeons
    1. Sittard 1,892 pigeons

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    Weekly offer featuring granddaughter of Olympic Leo

    This week's special offer is a hen with the best of Willem de Bruijn crossed with the best of Heremans.