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Weekly Offer With Daughter MISTER BEETLE

This week's offer is from super Heremans-Ceusters lines with top pigeons like Jackpot"Jackpot", Olympiade"Olympiade 003", and Euro"Euro" in the pedigree.

The father NL20-1250626NL20-1250626 "Mister Beetle" is a brother of Beetle"Beetle" who won a.o.:

  • 1. Nat. Ace pigeon Yearlings The Very Best 2019
  • 1. Nat. Ace pigeon Middle Distance Pipa 2019
  • 2. Nat. Ace pigeon Pipa ranking SD/MD 2019
  • 5. Nat. Ace Youngsters The Very Best 2018
  • 8. Nat. Ace Youngsters PIPA 2018

The mother is NL13-1801185NL13-1801185Blix"Blix" a daughter of the Lichte Blauwe"Lichte Blauwe" a son of the famous Olympiade"Olympiade 003".
Furthermore, in the pedigree of the mother we see two times Goudklompje"Goudklompje" the mother of Wonderaske"Wonderaske" and the Euro"Euro", all pigeons that have performed great with Leo Heremans.

  • Lovely Beetle
    USD 1,292