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Weekly Special: Inbred Goed Grijs

This week, we offer a special young cock from the famous lineage of Goed Grijs"Goed Grijs", the legendary pigeon who won 7 first prizes for the Leideman brothers.

Father: Bred from NL18-1459555NL18-1459555 "Triple 5" x NL18-1459568NL18-1459568 Eva"Eva", both son and daughter of Goed Grijs"Goed Grijs".

Mother: Bred from Vetblauwe Jackpot"Vetblauwe Jackpot" x Speedy Grizzle"Speedy Grizzle", the 1st National Ace pigeon WHZB / BoTB Speed / Natour in 2019.

"Valentino" carries the best bloodlines from the Leideman brothers. His impressive pedigree guarantees excellent performance and offers a unique opportunity for any fancier to enhance their loft with top-quality genetics.
Who will become the new owner of this outstanding young cock?

Don’t miss this chance! "Valentino" promises to be a valuable addition to any breeding loft, with his impressive genetic background and potential to produce future champions.

  • Valentino


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