Guess speed and win

Guess every week the speed of our first bird. The winner gets the New Edition 2017-2018 
Conditions for the contest you can read here. Registration for each contest closes on Friday at 24:00 Dutch time.

  • If the winning speed is guessed by two participants the one who added his speed first will be the winner.
  • Assignments with incorrect email addresses are NOT eligible for a prize!
    You receive an email confirmation, if not the email address entered was wrong.
  • Changing your speed can be done by re-entering your speed.

Bierges 28-04-2018...

The next race on which the speed can be guessed is from Bierges (187km).
For Saturday, some showers are expected with a southwest wind (behind) and a temperature around 15 degrees Celsius.
The winner will receive the New Edition 2017/2018 for free at home.

Number Highest Lowest Average
Number: 188 Highest: 2,106.000 Lowest: 1,100.000 Average: 1,606.356
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