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Guess speed and win

Guess every week the speed of our first bird. The winner gets the New Edition 2017-2018 
Conditions for the contest you can read here. Registration for each contest closes on Friday at 24:00 Dutch time.

  • If the winning speed is guessed by two participants the one who added his speed first will be the winner.
  • Assignments with incorrect email addresses are NOT eligible for a prize!
    You receive an email confirmation, if not the email address entered was wrong.
  • Changing your speed can be done by re-entering your speed.

Chateaudun 2018-06-23

Deze week kan de snelheid van onze eerste duif weer gereden worden. De duiven worden gelost in Chateaudun (564km).
Er wordt zaterdag een wind uit noordelijke richting verwacht en een temperatuur van 18 deg/C.
Er is een kleine kans op regen.
Wie de snelheid juist raadt of er het dichtst bij zit krijgt de duif NL18-1629035 

This week the speed of our first pigeon can be guessed again. The pigeons will be released in Chateaudun (564km).
A wind from the north is expected on Saturday and a temperature of 18 deg / C.
There is a small chance of rain.
If you guess the speed or are closest to it, you win the pigeon NL18-1629035 


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