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The Introduction of the Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp Strain


The Hans & Evert-Jan  Eijerkamp strain, a lifetimes work is excelling as never before.

Sixty-eight years ago, Hans Eijerkamp took his first steps in the pigeon sport. His passion and hobby was passed on to his three sons. They were just as "pigeon crazy" as their father. Unfortunately, Martin (21) had a tragic car accident, and Hans Jaap had to say goodbye to the pigeon sport after a burnout. Evert-Jan (56), however, became more fanatical and fanatical and together with his father he developed their shared passion even further.  Through the course of years, they created their own strain, the H & E.J Eijerkamp strain, whose base was formed by the Janssen x van Loon pigeons. Hans Eijerkamp bought the first Janssen pigeons in 1964, from the world-famous Janssen brothers in Arendonk and this was the beginning of the many successes that emerged from the purchase. When in the 90"s the Van Loon pigeons were brought into the Eijerkamp lofts, the cross of the Janssen x van Loon arose, which gave a decided boost to the performance of most of the pigeons, with their most famous pigeon being, Flits 85"Flits 85". This crack became an Olympiade pigeon in Utrecht in 1995 and was also one of their best breeding pigeons. He became father and grandfather of many 1st prize winners and national ace pigeons, including Olympic Lisa"Olympic Lisa",1st National Ace Pigeon Western Nations Cup Cat. B as well as Miss Saigon"Miss Saigon",2nd National Ace Pigeon Speed WHZB in 2000.

Golden couple Chicago"Chicago" x Miss Saigon"Miss Saigon".

In 2001 Miss Saigon"Miss Saigon" was paired to their best Van Loon breeder Chicago"Chicago". This Chicago"Chicago" was one half of a very successful breeding pair, with "Denver being the other half. They had produced many top flyers, and breeders like, Atilla"Atilla", "Gerimi", Gesto"Gesto", "Goliath",and "Miami". Now it immediately became apparent that the pairing of Chicago"Chicago" and Miss Saigon"Miss Saigon", was also coming up roses. They became the parents of a.o Abel"Abel", Kain"Kain", Achilles"Achilles", Helena"Helena", Demeter"Demeter", Britt"Britt", etc. etc.  Great pigeons who flew at the top from 100-700 km. But, even more, significant, was that the genes of these pigeons were so strong, so dominant that one after the other topper was born.  
The standard bearer of the 2nd generation of this crossing is Ché"Ché". This outstanding cock within 5 days won a 1st  Arras against 9,851 pigeons and a 1st NPO Orleans against 14,295 pigeons. This type of dominance has continued to this day, with a whole new generation of top racers and top breeders. In 2015, Jana"Jana", a granddaughter of Kain"Kain",won  1st NPO Bourges (610 km) against 6,187 pigeons and became the 10th National Ace Hen WHZB of the Netherlands while her sister Uknown"Indy", became the 3rd National Ace Hen WHZB of the Netherlands. Both Jana"Jana" and Uknown"Indy" were bred from Emilio"Emilio" (a son of Fabio"Fabio") x Kaira"Kaira" (daughter of Kain"Kain") and both hens have in the meantime emerged as real breeders. Several pigeons from C and G. Koopman were added to the breeding loft and Tara"Tara", daughter of the Kleine Dirk (G. & C. Koopman)"Kleine Dirk (G. & C. Koopman)", formed a fantastic breeding pair with the famous Ché"Ché". We can’t forget New Ché"New Ché",as this topper is the 4th generation down from Ché"Ché". New Ché"New Ché", is winner of 2 first prizes at the NPO level. Winning 1st twice NPO is done by very, very few pigeons, and with these two victorious he is at the same level as the famous Harry (J.Hooymans)"Harry (J.Hooymans)". Some children of "Harry", were introduced to cross with the iron-strong Janssen x van Loons, while from the Grand Masters Gerard and Bas Verkerk, in 2015 and 2017 some "Verkerkjes" were brought in to mix with our own strain. 

Also in 2015, all the breeders from Martin and Joke Geven were brought to the Eijekamp lofts. These, mostly proven breeders, had already earned their spurs in their lofts. Martin and Joke came to live at the Greenfield Stud, but unfortunately, Martin passed away, at much too young an age in 2016.

In 2018, a number of utter toppers were purchased to blend into the Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp strain. Thus came Joy Boy"Joy Boy", 1st National Ace Pigeons One Day Long Distance PIPA 2017 and Bella Donna"Bella Donna", winner of, 1st NPO South Vierzon and 3rd NPO Gien were transferred to Brummen via J. and J. Kaman. Joy Boy"Joy Boy" won a.o 2nd NPO Bourges, 3rd NPO La Souterainne, 5th NPO Argenton, as a yearling and is already father of a 1st NPO Peronne winner.
The Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp pigeons are pigeons that just want and can accelerate to the front on races from 300 to 750 km, having an occasional bit of Heremans-Ceusters, or Stefaan Lambrechts blood added to give them a bit more speed. That’s why the 13-1827866 "Golden Grizzle", was added, to strengthen our breeding stable, as this grizzle hen won 8 x 1st prize on the Speed and Middle Distance races.
After confirming their quality on the race lofts,  we also added some of our own racers to our breeding loft. Some of the current toppers on the breeding lofts, besides the pigeons above, are: