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The Origin of the Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp Strain


Always searching for toppers.

There was a purpose, behind all past purchases made by Hans Eijerkamp. A purpose fueled by a longing, Hans had an enormous yearning to create a type of pigeon that would shine in the "modern pigeon sport". In his vision only pigeons that had the ability to win - preferably win several times - would easily break loose from the flock to race home on their own - in addition these winners must also descend from a family in which flying at the front was firmly fixed. This is how Hans and Evert-Jan, kept coming back to   "famous" strains such as the Janssen and Van Loon.
The Eijerkamp eyes were never closed to new developments in the pigeons sport, those eyes were particularly kept wide open in the search for exceptional pigeons. If somewhere such a pigeon or a top loft showed it could make a difference, they would time and again travel to visit the fancier in question and attempt to acquire some of the winning genes. Even if the pigeons were from a strain - or a collection of crosses - that did not already occupy a spot in the Eijerkamp breeding lofts. In other words even if it was a goose, as long as it was the goose that laid the golden eggs!
These toppers out of various bloodlines were assembled and developed into the Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp strain - suitable for races from 100 to 600 km - often crossed with the dependable Janssen and Van Loon lines, to be of service to those clients who wanted to directly race their Eijerkamp pigeons. While Hans Eijerkamp emphatically advises, to first breed with the pure strains of pigeons, the Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp strain is extremely well suited for racing.