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Rossi Junior


Son of wonder pair  "Rossi" and  "Spinneke"

Descendant to "Rossi Junior" won a.o.
3. Nat. ACE Young Czech Republic 2017
1. Ecser against 3,098 pigeons
2. Nat. Herborn against 5,576 pigeons
4. NPO Melun against 1, 395 pigeons



'Rossi' is super breeder and winner 
1. Quievrain                  2,508 pigeons
2. Quievrain  1,580 pigeons

'Rossi' is (grand)father 
1. Olympiad bird Netherlands 2012 Middle Dist.
1. Budel  11,145 pigeons
1. Duiven  9,041 pigeons
1. Heusden-Zolder     8,538 pigeons
1. NPO Morlincourt  6,297 pigeons
1. Tienen  6,267 pigeons
1. Quievrain  6,153 pigeons
1. Soissons  5,392 pigeons



"Rossi" x "Spinneke" Wonderpair Heremans-Ceusters

Descendants to "Spinneke" won a.o.
1. Provincial ACE Speed Old Birds Section 10
1. Olympiad pigeon Poznan Olympiad Cat F
1. Nat ACE Yearlings Croatia 2013
1. Nat ACE Short DistanceCroatia
1. Nat ACE Middle DistanceCroatia
1. Olympiad pigeon Middle Distance The Netherlands
2. Olympiad pigeon Brussels Olympiad Cat A
1. Budel 11,145 pigeons
1. NPO Morlincourt      6,297 pigeons
1. Quievrain 6,153 pigeons
1. Isnes 5,079 pigeons

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