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Doornenbal-Jonker partnership win the June €200 pigeon voucher.


The Fanciers
Fourty eight year old Mario Doornenbal and fourty two year old Raymond Jonker derive a lot of pleasure from their racing pigeons. They both, have been active in the pigeon sport since their youth and both acquired their fascination of racing pigeons through their early introduction to the birds at home. 
They try, just like most racing pigeon fanciers, again and again to manage their pigeons, through good nutrition and training, to get their pigeons into top form. But, ultimately, the ability to reach top performances has to be in the pigeons genes. It has to be bred into them.
They are very thankful for the help and advice they have received from Gerard Koopman, who has stood by them through thick and thin and has helped them raise the performance bar a little higher.  Besides being driven in their practice of the pigeon sport, they also enjoy the friendship and competition at     the Vredesbode club in Didam, of which they are members.

Goals and Objectives
Their goal is to keep delivering formidable performances on the middle distance and one-day distance races. They think that winning a 1st Teletext position is more important than winning a championship. That of course, does not mean that they don't try to win championships, but they dothink that winning a first is the best part of their treasured pigeon sport.

Successes with the Eijerkamp pigeons
Mario and Raymond formed a  partnership at the end of 2010 and since then have collected several first prizes against large and smaller numbers of pigeons. Amongst them are 6x  first in the Area 3 (Kring) and Section 9 (Afdeling) against many thousands of pigeons. They also won Teletext positions on both the middle distance and one-day distance (dagfond) races in 2011, 2012 and again in 2013.
Naturally, they also thank their successes to the super pigeons that are bred down from Hans and Evert Jan Eijerkamp pigeons, such as:

  • A son of "Ché", out of which they bred their "Chelsea".

"Chelsea" , NL11-1424373 is a beautiful blue hen and a granddaughter of "Ché" a top breeder residing at the Hans and Evert Jan Eijerkamp lofts.
The father of "Chelsea" is a son of "Ché" (an Eijerkamp-van Loon out of "Ché" x the mother to "Shilpa").
"Chelsea" flew a.o. in the Section 9 East Netherlands:

  • 1st Laon 313 km against 27,258 pigeons
  • 5th Nanteuil le Hadouin 392 km against 16,954 pigeons
  • 91st Chalons en Champagne 355 km against 27,509 pigeons

  • "Epke", NL12-1313034 whose father is a son of the "Kleine Dirk"(G. Koopman) x "Imca" (G. & S. Verkerk).

The mother is NL09-1836137 an Eijerkamp-van Loon which was bred by Hans and Evert Jan Eijerkamp out of "Ché" x the mother to "Shilpa".
The "137" is a nest sister to the "136" of the Panhuis Partnership which in 2011had the National Young Bird Champion with a youngster out of the "136".
As a young bird "Epke" flew a.o.

  • 1st Nivelles 195 km against 27,965 pigeons in Section 9 East Netherlands.

  • "Demi" NL12-1213004 who has as its mother NL10-1274993 "Elise" (granddaughter of "Fabio" x "Lara Croft") an Eijerkamp-van Loon, who flew a.o.
    • 5th NPO Salbris 582 km against 5,940 pigeons in Section 9 East Netherlands
  • "son Epke" NL13-1880232 in its first race as a young bird in 2013:
    • 7th Maaseik 96 km against 9,183 pigeons of Area 3 Section 9.

"Chelsea" and "Epke" are now both in the breeding loft.
As soon as the young bird season was over, Mario and Raymond moved "Epke" to the breeding loft because they are both convinced that "Epke", besides having outstanding racing qualities, could become a super breeder.
Above you can read that a son of "Epke" directly on its very first young bird race managed to place at the very front of the Area result.
The partners look forward to a promising future with the Hans and Evert Jan Eijerkamp pigeons. This year they have a number of descendants of "Ché" in their young bird and natour (after season) lofts. Other fanciers, who have acquired pigeons from them, have also flown early prizes.

Breeding Loft
Raymond and Mario, besides the Hans and Evert Jan Eijerkamp pigeons, also have pigeons from Gerard Koopman, Ferry van Loo, Patrick and Guido Claes, Pierre Faes and a number, from several other good fanciers with strong performances.

Good performances 2013
To this point in the 2013 season the partners have earned 3 Teletext position and that  in a year where the weather conditions have made for difficult racing conditions.

The partners breed only one way, that is "good" x "good", as they believe that having 1st prize winners in the pedigree will make it much easier to breed more top prize winning pigeons.
There is not much to tell about the manner in which they keep their pigeons, which according to Mario Doornenbal is done the Pigeon Academy way (, a recently introduced now well known method. Mario and Raymond state that if you want your pigeons to perform at the very top, than the circle has to be complete, every link in the chain has to be strong, such as:

  • quality racing pigeons
  • feeding
  • training and exercise
  • motivation
  • accommodation (lofts)

Every phase of the sport has to be done and carried out correctly if you want to succeed.   

Team Eijerkamp  heartily congratulate Raymond and Mario for winning this pigeon voucher and on their fantastic performances this season.

Would you also like a chance of winning one of these pigeon vouchers?
From May up to and including September, each month, three fanciers who have sent in the best references will be awarded a total of €1,000 in pigeon vouchers.
For us the information on the performances of the Eijerkamp offspring is invaluable, as it helps us to further strengthen our lines. The performance information of the Eijerkamp descendants is most useful in helping us decide our pairings in the breeding loft.
Which is why each  year we distribute a large sum in pigeon vouchers for the best performance reports of your Eijerkamp descendants.
Each month, we will judge which of the references sent in that month are the best and will place the three winners on our website.
The only thing you have to do is send in your performance information of one or more of your Eijerkamp descendant/s along with sufficient information and if possible a good photo.
These references will be placed on our website.
On our website you can find how to report to us the information, via the digital form, email or perhaps by regular post.
*Pigeon vouchers can be used as credit towards the purchase of a pigeon via our web site. Please PAY ATTENTION to the expiry date of these vouchers!

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