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3rd and 4th from Gien against 963 pigeons

3rd and 4th from Gien against 963 pigeons

Today was a day we had been looking forward to. We excitedly waited to see how we would do on our first Dagfond race of the season. The first dagfond race, this one from Gien, is always a tough race because the birds are jumped quite a distance, this week almost 200km.
They were released late due to the rain showers over Belgium and the southern part of the Netherlands.
The speeds were expected to be high and when the speeds flown from the west were reported at almost 1,900 m/m we expected ours would fly just as fast.
But as we said the first dagfond race is always tough and the pigeons in our section did not fly at the earlier reported high speeds.
Ours were even a little later and top positions were out of the picture today. There we were, with high expectations and all that was left was disappointment.
At any rate that was our feeling at first but when the pigeons kept coming really well and of the 84 we shipped only ten or so were still behind at five thirty we became more confident and motivated to do well on the next race.

The first home was "Tilly" a Hebberecht x Eijerkamp-van Loon hen.
"Tilly" has as her father a pigeon bred out of "Talis" (Hebberecht) x sister "Champion" (Hebberecht).
Her mother was bred out of Atilla"Atilla" x "Lady X"

Number two was a yearling hen "Pearla".
The father to "Pearla" was bred out of "Young Boy" x granddaughter James Bond"James Bond".
Her mother was bred out of "Best Freddy" de Rauw-Sablon x Swarovsky"Swarovsky" (C & G Koopman x Eijerkamp- Janssen).

The third was "Roxy"
"Roxy’s" father was bred out of Fabio"Fabio" Eijerkamp-van Loon x Hera"Hera" Heremans-Ceusters.
Her mother is Zwarte Bono"Zwarte Bono" bred out of "Bono" x "Roos" a Hebberecht hen.

Number four a 100% Eijerkamp-van Loon yearling hen.
Her mother was bred out of Don Leo"Don Leo" x "Direct Louis van Loon" and the mother was bred out of Fabio"Fabio" x sister Heaven"Heaven".

The fifth was a yearling cock whose father was bred out of "Saturnus" a son of Ché"Ché" x "Miss Evergem" Hebberecht and the mother is a hen carrying a lot of Eijerkamp-Janssen blood.
Prize Summary:

  • Area de Ijssel: against 963 pigeons   3, 4, 15, 17, 18, 25 etc.   84 shipped/34 prizes Prize percentage 40%
  • Region 4: shipped 3,030 pigeons 19, 21, 39, 43, 44 etc.   84 shipped / 36 prizes, Prize percentage 42%
  • GOU South: against 4,872 pigeons 54, 57, 94, 101 etc. 84 shipped / 34 prizes, Prize percentage 40%
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