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The New Edition 2017-2018 you must have!!!


It has already been 4 years since we brought out a book in which we presented all our top pigeons. Two years ago, we felt that our website offered so much information that a New Edition would ‘no longer fit in with the present times’, but given the many requests and responses and interest in our pigeons, we decided to bring out a New Edition 2017/2018.
 Together with the Hilarius company in Brummen, we have again put together a tremendous reference book and for many fanciers the New Edition has become a collector’s item.
It is a 128 page, limited edition book. It has been printed in full colour and bound in a hard cover. This beautiful book can be ordered from our shop and will be send to you as quickly as possible.
The price for Dutch fanciers is 15 Euro including packaging and shipping.
For fans in other European countries (excluding the Netherlands) the price is 20 Euro and for fanciers outside of Europe the cost is 25 Euro including packaging and shipping.

Click on this link to order the book.


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Vinity Sold Vinity Sold
USD 1,697
Racing pigeon for sale Zach
Zach Cock
USD 905
Racing pigeon for sale Brainiac
Brainiac Cock
USD 1,697
Racing pigeon for sale Shawn
Shawn Cock
USD 849
Racing pigeon for sale Edison
Edison Cock
USD 1,132
Racing pigeon for sale Infinity
Infinity Cock
USD 1,132