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Jan and Joke Kaman Part 1 - Descendants Don Leo and Joke keep excelling

Jan and Joke Kaman Part 1 - Descendants Don Leo and Joke keep excelling

In 2008 Jan Kaman was visiting Hans and Evert Jan Eijerkamp and together they had a good time talking pigeons. Jan and Joke Kaman had first met Hans Eijerkamp at the national award presentations, Who Has Them Better – WHZB, where Jan in 2006 was honoured for having the best hen in all the Netherlands. Jan Kaman, on this visit, had brought with him several of his hens to show. The Eijerkamp Team were very impressed by Koper Lady"Koper Lady", 1st National Ace Hen WHZB and Joke"Joke", 1st Ace Pigeon in Rayon C – Sect. 6. They agreed that both hens would come to Brummen for several months to be bred to top pigeons such as Ché"Ché", Messi"Messi", Euro"Euro" and Don Leo"Don Leo". The Streetfighter"Streetfighter", (son of Don Leo"Don Leo" x Joke"Joke"), is the best pigeon on the Eijerkamp lofts out of this joint breeding venture.

Pigeons are the greatest passion for Jan and Joke Kaman
Joke"Joke", NL05-1246083NL05-1246083 is a super hen and has a tremendous list of performances:

  • 2nd NPO Tours against 4,112 pigeons
  • 6th NPO Bourges against 8,328 pigeons
  • 24th Blois against 5,971 pigeons
  • 24th NPO Baden against 7,138 pigeons
  • 6th Nijvel against 2,245 pigeons
  • 9th Chimay against 4,916 pigeons

The father of Joke"Joke" is NL02-5229564NL02-5229564 "De Bles", a tremendous breeder for Jan and Joke. He is father of 17 pure 1st prize winners. "De Bles" is a son of the top breeder NL90-2256086NL90-2256086 "De 086", who comes directly out of a pigeon directly from the Janssen Brothers, Arendonk (out of the "Zitter" line). The mother of Joke"Joke" is NL04-1896031NL04-1896031 (through Ben Ooms), a daughter of "Het Kweekkoppel" (The Breeding Pair), made up of NL01—1695110 "Super Kweker" and NL96-2091350NL96-2091350, the "350 duivin".
Joke"Joke" is a.o the mother of the "Jonge Sterke", best cock of the Netherlands for the one day long distance 2008-2009, for the Fondspiegel with 18 prizes on this discipline. The "Jonge Sterke" was the figurehead for Jan Kaman and was eventually sold, for a large sum to China.
At the Eijerkamp lofts Joke"Joke" was paired to a.o Don Leo"Don Leo", 4th National Ace Pigeon one day long distance of the Netherlands NPO and one of the very best Van Loon breeding pigeons on the Eijerkamp lofts. Out of this pairing the Streetfighter"Streetfighter" NL09-1833868NL09-1833868 was born and this crack became one the figureheads in the Eijerkamp lofts. Streetfighter"Streetfighter" is the father and grandfather of many top pigeons such as;

Leontien"Leontien" NL10-1273014NL10-1273014, a daughter of Streetfighter"Streetfighter" x Kentucky"Kentucky" winner of a.o for Eijerkamp:

  • 3rd NPO Peronne against 14,253 pigeons
  • 4th NPO Chateauroux against 2,200 pigeons
  • 13th Morlincourt against 6,284 pigeons
  • 18th NPO Orleans against 2,351 pigeons
  • 19th NPO Bourges against 6,187 pigeons
  • 22nd NPO Blois against 2,666 pigeons
  • 22nd NPO Chateauroux against 2,397 pigeons

Celena"Celena" NL10-1274037NL10-1274037, a daughter of Streetfighter"Streetfighter" x Kentucky"Kentucky" winner of a.o for Eijerkamp:

  • 1st NPO Peronne against 14,253 pigeons
  • 3rd NPO Orleans against 5,783 pigeons
  • 11th Nat. Blois against 17,591 pigeons
  • 19th NPO Tours against 2,956 pigeons
  • 38th Nat Blois against 24,774 pigeons
  • 77th NPO Chateauroux against 2,397 pigeons

"Eternity" NL16-1254249NL16-1254249 , a daughter of Streetfighter"Streetfighter" x Uknown"Indy" won as a young bird in 2016, 8th Nat. Melun against 10,654 pigeons
One of the top pigeons for Jan Kaman is "Princes Amy" NL14-1823660, whose grandparents on its mothers’ side are Don Leo"Don Leo" and Joke"Joke". This "Princes Amy" won a.o:

  • 2nd NPO Vierzon against 4,122 pigeons
  • 11th NPO Sens against 1,527 pigeons
  • 2nd NPO Vierzon against 3,257 pigeons

"Olympic Beauty" represented Serbia (flown by Ertan Fetahovic) as 3rd in Cat. G Yearlins at the Serbian Olympiade. She was bred out of a daughter of Streetfighter"Streetfighter" x Kentucky"Kentucky".
Other top descendants of the joint breeding with Joke"Joke"
Joke"Joke" on the Eijerkamp lofts was also paired to Messi"Messi", 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Short Distance WHZB and 13th Ace Pigeon Middle Distance WHZB. They are parents of NL09-1835380NL09-1835380 "Josje". This crack is one of the top breeders and father of a.o:
NL10-1528966 "De Bikkel"

  • 5th NPO Ablis against 2,598 pigeons
  • 3rd Chimay against 1,624 pigeons
  • 17th Nanteuil against 1,633 pigeons
  • 39th Chimay against 1,989 pigeons
  • 7th Nivelles against 263 pigeons

NL12-1470464 "De Chateauroux"

  • 6th NPO Ablis against 1,604 pigeons
  • 9th NPO Chateauroux against 3,300 pigeons

In the next article, we will present Jan Kaman’s Koper Lady"Koper Lady". She was paired a.o to V-Power"V-Power", Ché"Ché" and Euro"Euro" and this joint breeding was also exceptionally successful.