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Jan and Joke Kaman Part 2 - Joint breeding Koper Lady on the Eijerkamp lofts very successful.

Jan and Joke Kaman Part 2 - Joint breeding Koper Lady on the Eijerkamp lofts very successful.

In the first part of this article, we reviewed the joint breeding results, with "Joke", one of Jan and Joke Kaman’s, from Wormerveer, top hens. In this part, we want to present "Koper Lady", who was also housed in the Brummen breeding lofts for several months. While there she was paired to multiple top pigeons of which the offspring has provided for quite an uproar.

"Koper Lady", NL05-1239910
For a young bird sale, in support of Rayon C in the North Holland Section, Piet Koper donated a young hen, the NL05-1239910. Jan liked what he saw in this young hen and in hindsight made the purchase of his life. The 910, meanwhile renamed "Koper Lady", emerged as a true champion.

"Koper Lady" flying from the Jan Kaman lofts won a.o:

  • 1st Best Hen of the Netherlands WHZB in 2006
  • 1st Champion pigeon All-round Section 6 North Holland
  • 1st Meer 112 km against 300 pigeons
  • 1st Peronne 314 km against 157 pigeons
  • 1st Chimay 275 km against 299 pigeons
  • 1st Morlincourt 348 km against 251 pigeons
  • 1st Bergen op Zoom 116 km against 475 pigeons
  • 1st Nivelles 215 km against 356 pigeons
  • 7th Nivelles 215 km against 4,449 pigeons
  • 4th NPO Ablis 448 km against 14,707 pigeons
  • 20th NPO Orleans 548 km against 10,437 pigeons

In the pedigree of "Koper Lady" we see her father is NL01-165110 "Superkweker", who has as its mother the NL95-2656997 "Half-sister Tornado" ("Tornado" is also grandfather of "Ché" one of the best breeders for Eijerkamp). The mother is NL04-1798022 "Lieveling" a Janssen hen.
In her first year on the breeding lofts "Koper Lady" produced several toppers for Jan Kaman, among them NL07-5713925, who as a yearling flew for 5 prizes from the dagfond among them:

  • 6th NPO Chateauroux 669 km against 5,491 pigeons

In 2008 "Koper Lady" moved to Brummen, in a joint breeding venture, to be paired to a.o "Euro".

NL11-1341382 "Eureca" whose father is BE07-6367874 "Maladou" and whose mother is NL08-1102596 out of "Euro" x "Koper Lady" won a.o:

  • 3rd Asse Zellik 189 km against 5,741 pigeons
  • 3rd Quievrain 255 km against 3,529 pigeons
  • 31st Duffel 161 km against 7,421 pigeons
  • 9th Peronne 332 km against 2,623 pigeons

"Eureca" also turned out to be a tremendous breeding hen for Eijerkamp, she is already mother of a.o 7th Nat Ace Pigeon Long Sector 3 in 2015

NL14-1603367 "Lynn" on her mother’s side she has as great-grandparents "Euro" and "Koper Lady", won for Team Eijerkamp a.o:

  • 1st Soissons against 5,392 pigeons and the fastest pigeon of the entire concours Sect. 9 GOU
  • 1st Quievrain against 1,052 pigeons
  • 1st Soissons against 1,249 pigeons
  • 41st Feluy against 5,293 pigeons
  • 41st Isnes against 2,120 pigeons

NL11-1341381 "Edith-E" out of "Son Malou" (out of "Blauwe As" x "Malou") and "Schallie Euro" (out of "Euro" x "Koper Lady") won for Gert-Jan Beute:

  • 1st NPO Orleans 625 km against 5,965 pigeons

NL11-1343473 out of "Son Malou" (out of "Blauwe As" x "Malou") and "Schallie Euro" (Out of "Euro" x "Koper Lady") won:

  • 1st Gien against 2.593 pigeons

NL12-1232266 "Euro 66" who has as her mother "Lotus Euro" out of "Euro" x "Koper Lady" won:

  • 1st Duffel against 3,173 pigeons

Naturally "Koper Lady" was also paired very successfully to other top cocks such as "V-Power", 1st Olympiade pigeon Cat A in Oostende 2007.
NL09-5903664 "Damian", this blue cock has as his father a son out of "Jonge Polly" x "line Wonderaske" (Heremans-Ceusters from Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp) and as his mother "Kaman Power" out of "V-Power" x "Koper Lady". In Wormerveer "Damian" won:

  • 1st Champion pigeon Long Distance Club North Holland.
  • 50th Peronne against 2,457 pigeons in Rayon C Section 6
  • 21st Ablis against 1,604 pigeons in the Long-Distance Club
  • 71st Nanteuil against 738 pigeon in the Long-Distance Club
  • 3rd Ablis against 398 pigeons in the NIC and also
    8th NPO Ablis against 2,838 pigeons
  • 10th Peronne against 310 pigeons
  • 14th Nijvel against 279 pigeons
    23rd Chimay against 199 pigeons and also
    105th Chimay against 1,258 pigeons

Damian, Joke and Jan’s grandson, a pigeon fancier in waiting?

The pairing with "Ché" produced boundless quality on the Kaman lofts.
Several supers out of this pairing are:
NL09-5903650 who has as its father NL08-1101310 out of "Ché" x "Koper Lady" and as its mother the "5000 Euro" (Jan and Joke Kaman).
The "650" in 2009 from the lofts of Jan Kaman was:

  • 2nd Champion pigeon in the Fondclub North-Holland
  • 9th Peronne against 3,272 pigeons in the Fondclub
  • 45th Nanteuil against 738 pigeons in the Fondclub
  • 24th Ablis against 1,604 pigeons in the Fondclub
  • 40th Nijvel against 2,688 pigeons in the Rayon
  • 5th Ablis against 398 pigeons in the NIC
  • 2nd Peronne against 310 pigeons
  • 3rd Nijvel against 338 pigeons
  • 6th Chimay against 238 pigeons (after 5 loft mates)

NL09-5903636 the father is NL08-1101310 out of "Ché" x "Koper Lady" and the mother is the "5000 Euro" (Jan and Joke Kaman).
The "636" flew, for Jan and Joke Kaman:

  • 1st Ablis against 506 pigeons in the NIC
  • 8th NPO Ablis against 2,686 pigeons

In their "Joke" and "Koper Lady", Jan and Joke Kaman have had 2 super hens in their loft and the quality of their offspring, will reverberate for a long time in the pigeon world. Despite selling all their racing pigeons in 2015, Jan and Joke in 2016 were again at the top, flying only yearlings and competed with the best for the titles and Teletext positions.