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Successful Auction at Herbots, almost EUR 3,000 average


At this, the end of March the special "Euro" auction on the site ran its course. The auction was a tremendous success. The 15 young pigeons put up for sale sold for a total of EUR 44,500. The highest pigeon, a son of the "Euro" sold for EUR 24,000 and is going to Canada to Oscar and Linda DeVries. The 15 pigeons will eventually, go to Taiwan (3), Canada (3), United Kingdom (3), Belgium (2). Germany (2), Netherlands (1) and South Africa (1). Team Eijerkamp sends a big thank you to the Herbots family and their employees for the tremendous effort and the promotion of this auction and of course we also thank all those that bid on and bought the pigeons in this auction.

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Racing pigeon for sale Epicurus
Epicurus Cock
USD 1,181
Kevin Sold Kevin Sold
USD 709
Racing pigeon for sale Jackal
Jackal Cock
USD 827
Racing pigeon for sale The Victorious
The Victori Cock
USD 945