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Race program 2017


This chart shows the races that we want to participate to this year.
This program is subject to change.

Race   Basketing Release Station Distance (km)
code  date date    
Old birds        
V15 vr.14-4 za.15-4 Tienen 166
V16 vr.21-4 za.22-4 Isnes 204
V17 vr.28-4 za.29-4 Quiévrain 255
V18 vr.05-5 za.06-5 Chimay 262
M19 vr.12-5 za.13-5 Epernay 376
V20 vr.19-5 za.20-5 Vervins 299
E21 do.25-5 za.27-5 Gien 551
V21 vr.26-5 za.27-5 Vervins 299
M22 vr.02-6 za.03-6 Chalons en Champagne 373
E23 do.08-6 za.10-6 Chateaudun 564
M23 vr.09-6 za.10-6 Epernay 376
M24 do.15-6 za.17-6 Nanteuil le H. 408
E25 do.22-6 za.24-6 Bourges 620
M25 vr.23-6 za.24-6 Laon 329
M26 do.29-6 za.01-7 La Ferte/s Jouarre 412
E27 do.06-7  za.08-7 Blois 611
M28 do.13-7 za.15-7 Nanteuil le H 408
E29 do.20-7 za.22-7 Chateauroux 670
E31 do.03-8 za.05-8 Issoudun  647
S24 vr.16-6 za.17-6 Hapert 104
S25 ma.26-6 di.27-6 Hapert 104
S26 vr.30-6 za.01-7 Hapert 104
S27 vr.07-7 za.08-7 Hapert 104
J28 vr.14-7 za.15-7 Tienen 166
J29 vr.21-7 za.22-7 Isnes 204
J30 vr.28-7 za.29-7 Chimay 262
J31 vr.04-8 za.05-8 Laon 329
J32 do.10-8 za.12-8 Reims 352
J33 do.17-8 za.19-8 Nanteuil la Haudouin 408
J34 do.24-8 za.26-8 Troyes 449
After season races      
N32 vr.11-8 za.12-8 Tienen 166
N33 vr.18-8 za.19-8 Isnes 204
N34 vr.25-8 za.26-8 Chimay 262
N35 vr.01-9 za.02-9 Vervins 299
N36 vr.08-9 za.09-9 Laon 329
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Racing pigeon for sale Marshall
Marshall Cock
USD 568
Racing pigeon for sale Camron
Camron Cock
USD 796
Racing pigeon for sale Lycurgus
Lycurgus Hen
USD 1,421
Vinity Sold Vinity Sold
USD 1,705
Racing pigeon for sale Aventador
Aventador Cock
USD 5,684
Racing pigeon for sale Amethyst
Amethyst Hen
USD 1,137