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During the 2017 season, the arrivals of our pigeons as they come home on race day can again be followed live on our site. As in previous years, every Saturday the arrival of our pigeons will be available in real time. As each pigeon comes home and is clocked the time and average speed will be shown, along with the pigeon’s picture and pedigree. Before the season began, the entire race team was photographed by Falco Ebben ( Considering the number of followers on previous race days this unique feature was extremely popular and valued by our followers.

Click to view example of 2016

The 2017 racing season is upon us and in preparation for the races the race team at the Greenfield Stud has been trained several times from short distances. Last Saturday, a total of 106 racers were shipped to the last official training race in our region from Hapert (105 km). The result verified that our preparation was done appropriately and effectively. In region 4 (Section 8) our pigeons placed 1-2-9-10-12 etc. against the 2,720 pigeons entered.
The pigeons will be timed by a Benzing clocking system ( for the 2017 season. There will be a 12-field antenna placed in all our loft entries and all the clocking times will be transmitted to our website by the Benzing-live system.  

Meanwhile the new season has begun in many countries and our new season is about to begin. Team Eijerkamp wishes everyone a successful and competitive 2017.

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Kevin Sold Kevin Sold
USD 709
Racing pigeon for sale Dakota
Dakota Hen
USD 827
Racing pigeon for sale Rapide
Rapide Cock
USD 1,181
Racing pigeon for sale Aramis
Aramis Cock
USD 886
Racing pigeon for sale Galactic
Galactic Cock
USD 1,181
Racing pigeon for sale Faye
Faye Hen
USD 709