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Spectacular start to the season for the Eijerkamp lofts

Spectacular start to the season for the Eijerkamp lofts

The 2017 season has only just begun, but we can already rest assured that Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp have been one of the standouts in the month of April, with their fabulous performances on the first short-distance races.
Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp began the season by pairing the race team (90 hens and 20 cocks) the second week of January. They were paired in two groups and all the pigeons raised a youngster till it was around 14 days old.  That was the moment, the pairs were split so that the hens would not lay a second round of eggs. At that time, the racers had already been let out for 2 weeks to stretch their wings and the yearlings had been broken from the young bird loft to the loft from where they are to race from in 2017. The racers are housed in four separate sections and the last two weeks have been exercised twice each day for an hour.
Photo Hans & Evert-Jan
Prior to the season, the pigeons were treated with Orniflox and Fungitraxx to make sure they were brought to the starting line "clean". They were also vaccinated for Paramyxo and pox. Dr. Tony Oranje checks the birds weekly and they have a disinfectant in the water on arrival. During the week, the racers are fed various Beyers mixes (Super Widowhood, Vandenabeele and Recup).
The pigeons went out for the first time in March. Training was increased slowly and eventually the birds were tossed from 35 km five times. In the middle of April, they were shipped to the final official training toss for Regio 4. To make sure everything at the home end was working properly this training was made a clock race and the results showed that pigeons were outstanding.

April 8 Hapert (104 km) 106 pigeons entered and 57 prizes (1:4) (54%)

           Regio 4 - 2,720 pigeons  1-2-9-10-12-32-34-37-41-45 etc.
  Kring de Ijssel – 983 pigeons  1-2-9-10-12-30-31-33-37-40 etc

The season officially began on April 15 and the results that the Eijerkamp Team had worked and prepared for continued.

April 15 Tienen (166 km) 109 pigeons entered and 59 prizes (1:4) (45%)

           Regio 4 – 6,267 pigeons 1-5-35-37-39-41-43-79-87 etc.
  Kring de IJssel – 1.881 pigeons 1-4-24-26-28-30-32-54-60 etc.

April 22 Isnes (204 km) 104 pigeons entered and 81 prizes (1:4) (80%)

           Regio 4 – 6,345 pigeons     9-10-12-13-22-31-32-43-44 etc.
  Kring de Ijssel - 1,952 pigeons 5-6-8-9-10-11-12-13-14 etc.

April 29 Quievrain (255 km) 102 pigeons entered and 77 prizes (1:4) (76%)

           Regio 4 – 6,814 pigeons   3-4-5-6-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17 etc.
  Kring de Ijssel – 1,994 pigeons 1-2-3-4-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14 etc.

May 6   Chimay (262 km) 99 pigeons entered and 80 prizes (1:4) (81%)

           Regio 4 – 6,997 pigeons  1-2-4-5-20-31-34-49-55-62 etc.
  Kring de Ijssel – 2,082 pigeons 1-2-4-5-7-10-12-15-17-19 etc.

We would like to introduce some outstanding pigeons:

"Rosette", winner 1st Tienen in Regio 4
The 1st prize against 6,267 pigeons was won by NL15-1364777 "Rosette". This hen was only flown on the natour races in 2016 and now has won the first prize in the Regio. "Rosette" is a granddaughter of "Rossi", the Heremans-Ceusters icon in the Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp breeding lofts. The father of "Rosette" is out of "Rossi" x "Mieke", while her mother is a direct Leo Heremans out of a son of the "Blauwe As".

"Avery" winner 1st Isnes against 1,952 pigeons
The 1st prize from Isnes against 1,952 pigeons was won by NL14-1603584 "Avery". This was the third 1st prize won by this top hen. Her nicest prizes against large numbers are:

  • 1st Quievrain - 1,994 pigeons
  • 2nd Menen - 3,152 pigeons
  • 4th Chalons and Champagne - 2,830 pigeons
  • 8th Soissons - 5,392 pigeons
  • 9th Laon - 1,111 pigeons

"Avery" was bred out of "Jackpot Junior" (out of "Jackpot" x "Artemis") x "Canberra Rossi" (out of "Rossi" x daughter "Nieuwe Olympiade").

"Sabine", winner 2x 1st prize in the 2017 season

"Sabine" is a widowhood hen who won 2 times the 1st prize in the Regio. Besides the 1st Hapert at the final training she also won 1st Chimay at regional level. The best results to this hen are:

  • 1st Chimay - 7.048 pigeons
  • 1st Hapert - 2.720 pigeons
  • 12th Duffel - 5.982 pigeons
  • 15th Duffel - 1.082 pigeons
  • 33rd NPO Nanteuil - 4.860 pigeons etc.

The father is a full brother to the 1st National Ace pigeon WHZB 2005 from Joke and Martin Geven while the mother is a pure van Loon out of the old lines ("Goede Vuile Blauwe", "Superkweker" ) from Louis van Loon.

"Vale Jacky", unofficial 1st Champion pigeon Kring de Ijssel Short Distance 2017
This mealy hen has had a tremendous start in 2017 winning:

  • 2nd Hapert – 2,720 pigeons
  • 25th Quievrain – 6,817 pigeons
  • 43rd Tienen – 6,267

As a yearling, she won a.o.:

  • 8th Niergnies – 1,100 pigeons
  • 25th Asse Zellik – 1,874 pigeons

She is a pure Stefaan Lambrechts out of the "Vale Jackpot" x "Sprint 317". The "Vale Jacky" as a young bird won 2x top 10 NPO positions from the Jozef Poelstra and Son lofts. After these top performances, she was transferred to Brummen.

On other lofts Eijerkamp descendants, celebrate in high style.
It"s not only in Brummen where the pigeons are rocketing to the home loft but, also for various fanciers the Eijerkamp pigeons have shown their heels to the competition this past April, such as:

Ben Pieper from Borculo (NL) flew a 1st from Heusden-Zolder against 8,538 pigeons with a direct Eijerkamp (out of son "Rossi" x "Olympic Vivian")

Rien Weijers from Groesbeek (NL) won 1st Quievrain against 6,814 pigeons with a son out of "Euro Junior" x "Lady Bendner". This super pair was purchased by Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp this past winter on the Peter Jansen (Kleve) sale.

Peter Jansen from Kleve (GER) won 3rd and 7th Quievrain against 8,470 pigeons with children out of the same super breeding pair.

Gert de Swaef from Aalst (BE) also has a topper, his B16-205 in this yet young season has already won 3 x 1st prize. 1st from Quievrain against 105 pigeons, 1st Noyon against 996 pigeons and 1st Noyon against 403 pigeons. This 205 as a young bird also won 1st Noyon against 321 pigeons. The mother is a pure Heremans-Ceusters via Eijerkamp out of "Halfbroer Gilbert" x daughter "Zé Roberto".

Homma Brother from Steggerda (NL) won 1st Weert against 1,973 pigeons with a 50% Eijerkamp out of a granddaughter of the famous "Euro".

Jan and John Boode from Spanbroek (NL) have won three pure first prizes this season with 50% Eijerkamp-Janssen pigeons out of the famous lines of the "James Bond", "Fameuze 08" and "Rocky". This season they have won": 1st Queivrain against 2,201 pigeons, 1st Roosendaal against 2,505 pigeons and 1st Zevenhuizen against 2,231 pigeons.

Frank van den Dragt Harderwijk (NL) won the 1st prize from Geel against 8,089 pigeons with a 50% Eijerkamp pigeon. The mother is NL13-043 a pure Heremans-Ceusters out of a granddaughter of the famous "Euro".

Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp are particularly impressed with these achievements. "I have had pigeons for 65 years" says Hans Eijerkamp, "but in my entire career I have never experienced the start to a season, like this one". The pigeons keep Hans Eijerkamp (82) young and if possible he can found with his winged friends every day. In addition, he is a man that keeps up with the times and has daily contact with many of his pigeon sport friends at home and abroad via phone, WhatsApp or email.
The fact that the champions from Brummen keep up with the times can be proven by their website at, where every Saturday the arrival of their pigeons from the race can be followed in real time as they time in. In addition to the time clocked and the average speed flown, a photo of the pigeon and its pedigree can be seen on screen. "Last Saturday we had viewers from more than 65 countries!!" said Hans proudly. Whatever, the rest of the season may bring can be followed by everyone on their site, but meanwhile the competition has been warned.