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New Ché


"New Ché" won a.o.
1. NPO Argenton sur Creuse 4,121 pigeons
1. NPO Chateauroux 1,767 pigeons
31. Prov. Sens 17,032 pigeons
81. Prov. Sens 11,527 pigeons
92. Prov. Gien 3,759 pigeons

Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp
Cortenoeverseweg 82
6971 JK Brummen (NL)
Tel: +31 575 538555


Super crack New Ché, winner 2x 1st NPO have moved to Hans and Evert Jan Eijerkamp Sansational transfer

There are not many pigeons in the Netherlands that have 2 NPO victories to their name, but one of these cracks that has, is the NL15-1037627 flown by Herman Hendrix, Broekhuizervorst.  These sublime performances impressed many fanciers and suddenly the phone was ringing off the hook at the Hendrix residence. Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp were the most persistent and ultimately become the owners of this top cock bird.
"New Ché", as a yearling already won a 1st NPO from Chateauroux (613 km) with a 3-minute lead and now as a two year old he surpassed himself, winning 1st NPO Argenton (641 km) flying 2 minutes ahead to win the 1st prize in Sect 4 Limburg.
The best position flown by "New Ché" are:

  • 1st NPO Chateauroux (613 km)  1,767 pigeons 1,392 m.p.m.
  • 1st NPO Argenton (641 km  4,121 pigeons 1,443 m.p.m.
  • 31st Prov. Sens (420 km) 17,032 pigeons 1,641 m.p.m.
  • 81st Prov. Sens (420 km) 11,527 pigeons 1,078 m.p.m.
  • 92nd Prov. Gien (491 km)  3,759 pigeons 1,625 m.p.m.

The father of "New Ché" is "Broer Lady Di", the wonder pigeon who was the 2nd best Ace Pigeon Long Distance of the Netherlands WHZB in 2012. As father, they had a cock out of the "Famous 06" line of Harrie Winkens paired to a direct Eijerkamp hen, NL09-1836615, a daughter of "Contador" (son "Atilla" x "Cuba Libre", a daughter of the famous "Ché".
The mother of "New Ché", via Gerard van de Berg, is a half-sister of the 1st NPO Orleans (590 km) against 2,990 pigeons and also of "Olympic Nicole", 1st National Olympiade pigeon Cat. C Long Distance, Nitra 2013. This hen was bred from "Hans", winner 1st Orleans, against 4,016 pigeons when paired to "Nicolette", a super hen who has a 3rd NPO Orleans against 7,332 pigeons, to her credit.
A full brother to "New Ché" won a.o:

  • 3rd NPO Limoges (690 km) 1,326 pigeons
  • 20th NPO Argenton (641 km) 4,121 pigeons
  • 27th NPO Chateauroux (613 km) 1,767 pigeons
  • 67th Prov. Sens (420 km)  17,032 pigeons               
  • 67th Prov. Lorris (480 km) 5,520 pigeons
  • 139th Prov. Lorris (480 km) 8,654 pigeons