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Win an Eijerkamp pigeon by submitting your performances



Every year many fanciers from around the world send us reports on the performances achieved with Eijerkamp pigeons or their offspring.
These reports are posted on our website and they give us valuable information we use to breed even better pigeons.
We have decided to reward a number of these fanciers, for sending us reports on their 2017 performances, with Eijerkamp pigeons.

  • The reports of the 3 best performances will each get an Eijerkamp pigeon*.
  • We will raffle off 3 Eijerkamp pigeons among all the other 2017 performance reports*. 

All these Eijerkamp pigeons, will naturally meet the stringent Eijerkamp quality criteria. Performance reports can be submitted by filling out the form on our website or by sending us an email to

The winners will be announced in January of 2018.

(*) All transportation costs will be the responsibility of the winners.  

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Racing pigeon for sale Maserati
Maserati Cock
USD 942
Racing pigeon for sale Titano
Titano Cock
USD 883
Racing pigeon for sale Skyhook
Skyhook Cock
USD 942
Yadiel Sold Yadiel Sold
USD 707
Racing pigeon for sale Gezuriya
Gezuriya Hen
USD 1,060