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First Auction of the season in aid of ending child poverty in Indonesia



Hans and Evert Jan Eijerkamp are organizing an auction from which 100% of the proceeds will go in aid of ending child poverty in Indonesia.


Krista has worked at the office for Hans and Evert Jan Eijerkamp since September of 2014. Her main concern is the running of the office but, in addition, she can often be found in the lofts. When Krista was little she followed her father around in the pigeon lofts and later worked at the club when the clocks were knocked off. Returning to the pigeon world, after finishing her studies and working, thus was not entirely surprising. Now she has already worked here for three years and thoroughly enjoys doing whatever she can to support the Eijerkamp Team.  
Hans and Evert Jan Eijerkamp are often asked to contribute to charities. Making choices as to which one to support is often difficult. But, with Krista on board as part of the Eijerkamp Team, we could not deny her our support. Therefore, we have decided to organize an auction of which the entire proceeds will go to her project.

“Children are our future, without them there will not be a future”

We urge everyone to support either this auction, or Krista directly
by donating on her sponsor page.

Krista tells: “One and a half year ago I began working as a volunteer for “Compassion Nederland”. Through this organization I have already supported several children in third world countries through their sponsorship program. For €33 per month children can go to school, get additional nutrition, medical care, school supplies, learn extra skills, such as sewing, baking, candle making, get computer classes and go on educational and fun outings.  I write letters to these children and give extra gifts where, for example, the family of one of my sponsor children recently purchased four goats. “Compassion International” currently supports 2 million children in 25 countries in Asia, South America and Africa.
Last year I visited my sponsor child Jordine in Haiti. After seeing the drought and extreme poverty there I wanted to commit myself further to help children in poverty. Therefore, this coming October 2017 along with many other participants I will take part in a sponsored walk in Indonesia on the island of Sumba. There I will walk 60 km in one day. The money donated will go to the “Compassion Foundation” to be invested in projects in Indonesia and thus benefiting children living in extreme poverty.

                                      Krista and Jordine in Haiti

That is why, I am very grateful that Hans and Evert Jan Eijerkamp are organizing this auction from which 100% of the proceeds will go to my sponsorship walk.”

Click here to go direct  to Krista’s sponsor page.  

  • Pigeons online: Tuesday September 12th
  • Start Auction: Saturday September 16th 19:00h (local time)
  • End Auction: Monday September 18th 20:00h (local time)
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