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1st Ace Pigeon in Great Algarve Derby 2017 with Grandchild Euro


Mark Walker from England with his GB17-V-42503 has the 1st Ace Pigeon in the Great Algarve Derby 2017. The father of this pigeon, the NL16-1254098 was purchased by Mark Walker in Brummen and is a direct son of the "Euro".
The "Blue Lagoon" became 1st Ace Pigeon with the following classifications:

1. Ace Pigeon race (140 km)  324th against 1,727 pigeons

2. Ace Pigeon race (180 km) 27th against 1,640 pigeons

3. Ace Pigeon race (181 km) 22nd against 1,530 pigeons

4. Ace Pigeon race (250 km) 81st against 1,469 pigeons

Final race (420 km) 220th against 1,339 pigeons

Walkers Racing Pigeons won EUR 7,500 for winning the 1st Ace Pigeon title with "Blue Lagoon".

On the final race Greg Team, from Slovakia, flying under the Polish fag, won the 2nd prize. His pigeon PL17-262-11588 was just nipped out at the finish line by a Portuguese pigeon. The father of the 2nd place winner was bred out of the NL10-1272496 a son of the "Black Cahors", winner of 1st National Cahors against 4,887 pigeons and is a descendant of the famous "Black Giant".  

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