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Dennis Vleugelers wins Final race Pioneer International Racing Pigeon Club in Peking


Dennis Vleugelers was known for the super results at Munich where he was several times the national winner.
But Dennis wanted more and decided to take part in the One Loft Race of the prestigious Pioneer International Racing Pigeon Club together with a Chinese partner.

For this a number of young pigeons were bred and ringed with a Chinese ring.
One of these was the CHN17-2000257 bred from the NL11-1343783 "Inbred Ché" and the NL14-1195728 of which both in the line of the father and the mother have national Munich winners.

This CHN17-2000257 won the Final race of Pioneer International Racing Pigeon Club against 1.700 pigeons.
This winner was also 2nd ACE pigeon calculated over 4 races (500-550km).
10,000 pigeons were entered for the race.


Click pedigree for larger version

Photo above.

Mr. en Mrs. Wang, Henk Jurriëns, Evert Jan Eijerkamp and on the right Mr. Xu president Pioneer Club

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