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22nd in the final race Dinikeng Lofts OLR in 2016.


Chris van Staden ( Spoorweg Sindikaat & Kie,South Africa ) sent us the results of descendants of a grandchild of NL12-1231153 "Untamed Desert" a H. and E.J. Eijerkamp and winner of the South Africa Million Dollar Race 2013 against 2.793 pigeons.

Chris bought the grandchild of "Untamed Desert" at an auction of the Million Dollar Race.
He participated with a young pigeon from this grandchild "Untamed Desert" at the Dinikeng Lofts, where this pigeon became:

  • 22nd in the final race in 2016.

Another young pigeon from grandchild "Untamed Desert" he sent at the Central Provincial Loft Bloemfontein RSA and this pigeon:

  • won a hotspot race over a distance of 485 km.

Chris is very happy with grandchild "Untamed Desert", because for him it is a pigeon from thousands, especially because her mother is no longer alive.

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