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a.o. 47th final race Pattaya One Loft Race 2018


Simon Wolf  from Switzerland participated in the Pattaya One Loft Race 2018 with hen, the 4110-17-CH.
The 4110-17-CH has as father DV08897-15-41 (grandson "Harry" and grandson NL96-1734388 "Donkere Eijerkamp" (an Eijerkamp-Janssen) and mother NL16-1253517 "Charity" also Eijerkamp-Janssen .

The 4110-17-CH wins at the final race of Pattaya One Loft Race 2018:

  • 47th Udon Thani 530 km. against 981 pigeons

Simon also participated with his pigeon 4114-17-CH in the Victoria Falls One Loft Race. This pigeon has as parents the Eijerkamp pigeons NL14-1603626 "Flash" an Eijerkamp-Janssen and NL13-1804433 "Smart" an Eijerkamp-van Loon

The 4114-17-CH won on training flight 17:

  • 3rd distance  47 km. against 1,148 pigeons

On training flight 8 this pigeon became 12th and on training race 16 she became 24th.

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