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<b>Dennis Veugelers</b>, 2nd NPO Lorris against 14,046 pigeons

Dennis Veugelers, 2nd NPO Lorris against 14,046 pigeons With Ché descendant

Dennis Veugelers, known worldwide after his super performance in the Pioneer Club in China in 2017. He was the winner of the final race (500 km) in the highest money race in the world. In the Pioneer club in China literally, millions of Euro are spent on prize money, pool money as well as the sale of pigeons. The winner was bred by Dennis Veugelers and flown by a Chinese companion. The winner eventually sold for € 230,000. The father of this winner was a direct Eijerkamp pigeon, NL11-1343783NL11-1343783 who is a grandson of Ché"Ché". This has been a great line for Dennis with which he has had other exceptional successes, as Dennis now has won

  • 2nd NPO Lorris (426 km) against 14,026 pigeons

The winner having been bred from a Ché"Ché" granddaughter.

Super hen "Ireen", NL14-1334771 winner of 2nd NPO Lorris against 14,046 pigeons
Dennis bred this hen out of a son of his 1st National Blois winner when paired to a Ché"Ché" granddaughter NL12-1230605NL12-1230605 who has developed into an excellent breeder. "Ireen" is a real Ace, as on her list of honours she has several top prizes at the Provincial and NPO Section 4 Limburg level.
The best performances of "Ireen" are:

  • 2nd NPO Lorris 14,046 pigeons
  • 25th Provincial Rethel 3,610 pigeons
  • 33rd NPO Gien 3,759 pigeons
  • 36th NPO Lorris 5,520 pigeons
  • 34th Sezanne 4,535 pigeons
  • 38th Provincial Rethel 15,190 pigeons
  • 62nd Provincial Rethel 10,912 pigeons.

As mentioned above, the father is a son of "Mika Hakkinen", winner of 1st National Blois against 33,709 pigeons for the family Veugelers. The mother is "Gina" NL12-1230605NL12-1230605, which they purchased directly from Hans & Evert -Jan Eijerkamp. This hen was bred out of "Dennis", a son of Beatrice"Beatrice", Olympiade pigeon for the Netherlands in Cat. A 100=300 km in Oostende 2007 when paired to "Maureen", a daughter of Ché"Ché". The Ché"Ché" is the top cock on the Eijerkamp loft, he not only won 1st NPO Orleans but has left an enormous stamp as a breeder and can easily be called one of the very best breeders in the Eijerkamp lofts.
Dennis has also had great success with other descendants of Ché"Ché", as "Gina" is also mother of NL14-1334805 who has build up a nice list of performances.
Among them:

  • 3rd Provincial Rethel 3,610 pigeons
  • 4th Provincial Troyes 17,476 pigeons
  • 17th District Gien 4,310 pigeons
  • 51st Provincial Rethel 13,185 pigeons
  • 58th NPO Sens 17,032 pigeons

Dennis, who, together with his father "Peter" and mother "Gina" look after the pigeons, are proud of their top performances, as well as the Eijerkamp pigeons. "It"s extraordinary, almost every pigeon we have acquired from you has bred super well, crossed on mine. That"s something that rarely happens" says Dennis.