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Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp 1st Chateaudun Northern Union Zone 2

Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp 1st Chateaudun Northern Union Zone 2

Chateaudun turned out to be a splendid one-day long distance race, with good returns. Practically all of the specialists at the extreme middle distance flew at the front with outstanding results. One of these exceptional lofts undoubtedly was that of Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp. In Zone 2 they took a whole series of top prizes: 1, 7, 8, 14, 34, 41, 48, 60, 63, 72, 74, 75, 76, 95 etc., 48 shipped with 34 in the prizes!
The winner is NL17-1820066NL17-1820066 "Xenon", who as a young bird flew in the prizes 5 times. She was paired in January, and after raising two youngsters, she was flown on widowhood, from the loft set aside for the extreme middle distance hens. "Xenon" was raced weekly and won 6 prizes. From Pithiviers, 397th NPO against 6,381 pigeons, and from Gien 62nd NPO against 5,615 hens.

Now the hens are given a weeks rest after which they will be prepared for Bourges. The hens fly out twice each day for exercise and are trained from 35 km on Wednesday, from which they see their mate on arrival.
Every Monday, veterinarian Tony Oranje comes along to check the pigeons, most often this is not necessary, but it gives them peace of mind knowing with certainty, that all is well with the pigeons.  
In the evening after the race, the pigeons have a disinfectant in the water. During the week before the race, they have something for their airways in the water. They are fed all they want because those who train and fly a lot must also eat well. Their manager, Gerard Boesveld, pampers them daily with our own Pika mix which contains treat seeds, hemp, ground peanuts and some Tovo.

The father of "Xenon", is a direct G. and S. Verkerk and is a grandson of Olympic Solange"Olympic Solange", and the mother "Inbred Don Leo", is a van Loon who was bred from a son x daughter of Don Leo"Don Leo". The Don Leo"Don Leo" was 4th National Ace Pigeon One day long distance NPO and can without a doubt be considered a foundation pigeon for Hans & E.J.  Eijerkamp. Descendants of this topper, as well as his brother Fabio"Fabio", have provided for many successes for the Eijerkamp family for years.
In her pedigree, we can see that Don Leo"Don Leo" on her mother’s side was paired to "Silver Royce" a daughter of Silver Shadow"Silver Shadow", and to a daughter of Chicago"Chicago". Thus, she has all the Eijerkamp foundation van Loons in her mothers background.

Congratulations to team Eijerkamp on your incredible victory!

Gerrit van Eikenhorst.



Daughter 'Tanguy' x "Inbred Don Leo"

"Xenon" is winner of
1. Interprov. Ace Northern Union 2018
1. Interprovincial Chateaudun    5,989 pigeons
6. Nat. Chateaudun 12,511 pigeons
18. NPO Bourges 2,242 pigeons
23. NPO. Chateauroux 3.891 pigeons
62. NPO Gien 5.615 pigeons
26. Tienen 1,654 pigeons
68. Chimay 4,330 pigeons
100. Pithiviers           1,890 pigeons

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