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Joh. Van Dijk (Lieren) 1st Marche against 2,870 pigeons with a direct Eijerkamp out of grandson Ché

Joh. Van Dijk (Lieren) 1st Marche against 2,870 pigeons with a direct Eijerkamp out of grandson Ché

This past spring Johan van Dijk acquired several eggs from the Hans & Evert- Jan Eijerkamp widowers. One of the youngsters out of these eggs was banded with the ring number NL18-1581831NL18-1581831. Last Saturday this cheque white flight won the first prize from Marche (217 km) in the north-east region of Section 8 against 2,870 pigeons, by a more than 3-minute lead!!! An excellent victory for Johan, who also won the 3rd and 13th positions in the region and a total of 14 prizes of the 27 young birds entered in the race.

The winner NL18-158131 was bred at the Eijerkamp lofts and is out of "Tapas", a son of Golden Ché"Golden Ché" X "Unique". Golden Ché"Golden Ché",  is a son of the fantastic breeding pair, Ché"Ché", 1st NPO Orleans and foundation breeder for the Eijerkamp lofts, X Tara"Tara", a daughter of the Kleine Dirk (G. & C. Koopman)"Kleine Dirk (G. & C. Koopman)". "Unique" is a daughter of Barend J."Barend J." (grandson of "Golden Dirk") x "Asha" (granddaughter Euro"Euro"), this breeding pair are also parents and grandparents of more than 10 different first prize winners. The mother of NL18-831 was bred from "LeBron" a direct Stefaan Lambrechts X a daughter of Chopin"Chopin" (son of Olympic Vivian"Olympic Vivian").

Johan van Dijk’s pigeon colony is made up of 98% Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp pigeons, and as soon as the victory was official, Evert-Jan Eijerkamp was one of the first to personally congratulate Johan. The 3rd prize winner is a grandchild of "Lady Christje", B06-6149996B06-6149996 a top breeding hen for Eijerkamp, obtained as a youngster from Heremans-Ceusters. The 13th prize winner is a grandchild of "Blauwe Peter" NL09-1833272NL09-1833272, 4th Ace pigeon in Regio 2 for Johan van Dijk.

Johan has a real raptor problem and every year before the season begins 60% of the youngsters bred have fallen prey to the raptors. With the remaining youngsters, Johan manages to fly at the top of the regional race result every year. A few months ago, Johan broke his ankle and had an extended rehabilitation period. As a result, the preparations for the races were not optimal, hence all the more admiration for this top performance.