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Terry Kirman and Son Tony, Liverpool-UK won 1st National Tours Midland National Flying Club with Eijerkamp descendant

Terry Kirman and Son Tony, Liverpool-UK won 1st National Tours Midland National Flying Club with Eijerkamp descendant

The pigeons could not be released in Annecy due to some local events and were instead sent to Tours, where the more than 3,000 pigeons were let up at 07:15 hrs under a clear blue sky and a light eastern breeze. These weather conditions would quickly turn into a blood hot day, especially over the channel, with a punishing northeast wind.
At the home front, speculations were rampant, as to when the first pigeon would arrive. The most experienced fanciers were convinced that with the current heat and northeast wind the first pigeons would fly faster than 65 kilometres per hour. Later it would appear that only 19 pigeons would be able to break the estimated speed barrier.
Under these weather conditions, the western side of the country was clearly favoured, but that didn"t mean that it would not be a challenging race for all the participants. This turned out to be correct, as the first four pigeons on the result came from different parts of the country.
The National Tours winner of the MNFC was "Treble 6" flown by Terry and Tony from Liverpool.
He bridged the more than 718 kilometres from Tours to his loft in Huyton-Liverpool at a speed of 1,132.941 meters per minute.
"Treble 6" is a beautiful four-year-old cock, and now is a triple MNFC West section winner, but this time he really came up roses, by winning 1st National Tours. 

"Treble 6" is a De Rauw-Sablon x Eijerkamp-van Loon and bred by Terry and Tony out of foundation pigeons of the world famous Eijerkamp lofts. 
The Eijerkamp lofts are well known for their van-Loon pigeons, which when crossed with the best pigeons in the world have had a significant influence on other pigeon families and strains, in recent decades.
It is fantastic that Terry and Tony Kirman have written their name on this national title, a real reward for this very generous partnership, as they have provided many fanciers with pigeons so that they could also score at the club, section and national levels.
"Treble 6" is a 75% Eijerkamp  and 25% Gerard Koopman pigeon.
The mother of "Treble 6" is NL12-1230126NL12-1230126 out of BE08-5165434BE08-5165434 "Best Freddy" a Pros Roosen and BE10-4253679BE10-4253679 "Golden Eye" a De Rauw-Sablon.
The father of "Treble 6" is a G. Koopman out of his "909" and "Amira" and the Eijerkamp pigeon NL05-2109212NL05-2109212 out of NL00-1488908NL00-1488908 Atilla"Atilla" and NL03-1911034NL03-1911034 Catharina Amalia"Catharina Amalia"

The MNFC in which Terry and Tony fly is approximately 80 km long and 22 km wide.
According to the fanciers in this sector, the "Treble 6" is a real Ace and one of the best pigeons to ever fly in this sector!
He has won countless prizes on race from 325 to 725 kilometres.
In the Liverpool Classic Club, he has won between £7,500 and £8,500 for his handlers.
"Treble 6" has won a.o:

  • 1st Tours 718 km against 3,078 pigeons in the MNFC sector
  • 1st Acencis 692 km against circa 450 pigeons in the MNFC sector
  • 1st Acencis 692 km against circa 600 pigeons in the MNFC sector
  • 81st Open Acensis 216  692 km against 3,928 pigeons in MNFC sector west
  • 108th Open Acensis 2017 692 km against 4,331 pigeon in MNFC sector west
  • 57th Open 2016 312 km against 7,176 pigeons and also
    10th 312 km in MNFC sector west.