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Jan Westen has the 2nd NATIONAL ACE pigeon WHZB / TBOTB 2018 with Moritz

Jan Westen has the 2nd NATIONAL ACE pigeon WHZB / TBOTB 2018 with Moritz

NL 2016-4787259 "Moritz", a great cock, comes at father's side out of a direct Eijerkamp pigeon the NL09-1832792NL09-1832792 "Figo-Aske" a Heremans-Ceusters and the mother is the NL15-4770848 "Wonder Aske 48", which was bred by Jan from two direct Eijerkamp pigeons NL09-1832857NL09-1832857 "Lange Chrisje" and NL09-1832864NL09-1832864 "Wonderaske 64", both Heremans-Ceusters.

NL 2016-4787259 "Moritz" was basketted 14 times in 2018 and won 14 times prize.
His best performances:

  • 29th Tongeren against 10,331 pigeons
  • 29th Reims against 8.183 pigeons
  • 11th Rethel against 3,019 pigeons
  • 1st  Weert against 212 pigeons
  • 102th Budel against 11,145 pigeons

"Moritz" flew 10x in the first 33 against an average of 2.000 pigeons!
"Moritz" became:

  • 2nd  NATIONAL ACE pigeon WHZB / TBOTB 2018

In Section 10 (about 1400 fanciers):

  • 2nd ACE pigeon general
  • 6th ACE Pigeon Short Distance
  • 8th ACE pigeon Middle Distance

In Rayon 8 of Section 10, "Moritz" became:

  • 1st Ace pigeon General

From the same baselines as "Moritz" also were bred:
NL14-4754508 "Het Venijn", who won in 2014:

  • 1st NPO Morlincourt youngsters in Rayon North in Section 10.

His best performances:

  • 1st Morlincourt against 2,975 pigeons
  • 1st Wychen against 312 pigeons
  • 1st Wychen against 141 pigeons
  • 15th Tongeren against 3,500 pigeons
  • 22nd Quievrain against 3,336 pigeons

NL16-4787266 "The Wanderer", who won in 2017:
10x prize in District 8 of Section 10
In the club 1st, 2nd, 6th, 9th, 10th etc. against an average of 300 pigeons.
His best performances:

  • 1st Rethel against 348 pigeons
  • 7th Heusden - Attic against 1,828 pigeons
  • 16th Weert against 1,635 pigeons
  • 2nd Hannut against 202 pigeons
  • 48th Tongeren against 3,500 pigeons

NL17-4707300 "Lukas 300"


His best performances:

  • 7th Reims against 8.183 pigeons
  • 1st Rethel against 210 pigeons
  • 1st Hannut against 202 pigeons
  • 67th Quievrain against 10,103 pigeons
  • 21st Quievrain against 3,336 pigeons

The NL10-4794372, "Super Figo Aske" a Heremans-Ceusters cock won:

  • 1st Grimbergen 285 km against 12,106 pigeons in Section 10 North
  • 6th Ravenstein 153 km against 12.655 pigeons in Section 10 North
  • 12th Duffel 264 km against 6,458 pigeons in Section 10 North

The "Super Figo Aske" won in 2011 8 prizes out of the 12 races in which he was entered and in 2012 he won 4 prizes out of the 6 races in which he was entered.
This super cock comes out of two pigeons coming from Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp.
The father is "Figo Aske" bred out of a grandson or "Figo" (out of a son or "Figo" x a daughter of Isora"Isora") and a granddaughter or "Diadora" (out of a son or "Diadora" x a sister to Peter"Peter").
The mother is "Danielle" also a Heremans-Ceusters bred out of a grandson or "Chrisje" (out of a brother to "Flitske" x "Wilma") and "Inteelt Wonderaske" (out of Mephisto"Mephisto" x a daughter of Wonderaske"Wonderaske").

Jan has bred a lot of super pigeons from the pigeons he bought from Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp in the first and second generations.

These pigeons are not only good at races with strong tail wind, but especially with headwind and warm sunny clear weather. Up to 600 km they easily can do.
Others also perform great with pigeons from this baseline, which they obtained through Jan, such as the Gebr. Jager from Blijham
They got the NL15-1246581 from Jan, a late youngster from 2015, who last season was the 6th best pigeon Short Distance in the Netherlands at the Pipa ranking 2017.
She already won 6 first prizes in her club.

So you see that good pigeons in a strong loft are capable of great performances!