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Hans and Evert Jan win 9. Final Pattaya OLR (530 km) with child Special Kaïn x Bibi. Also 101-117 in final Super result

Today the final race of the Pattaya International Pigeon Race was held.
The expectations were high, certainly because Evert Jan went to Thailand to experience the final.
The distance was 530km and the 959 pigeons were released at 8:00h. local time.
It was a hard but fair race in which the Eijerkamp pigeons performed formidably.
We had 8 pigeons in the race and the first 3 won prizes 9, 101 an 117.

In order to complete the success, our friend Oscar DeVries from Canada classified in places 3, 23 and 35 with most Eijerkamp pigeons.
The first and third pigeon were bred from lines  Eijerkamp-van Loon x Heremans-Ceusters and the second from a son of Ted"Ted".
The father of the number 3 in the final race was bred from NL05-2103462NL05-2103462 x NL12-1231879NL12-1231879 and the mother was bred from NL08-1102937NL08-1102937 x NL11-1344357NL11-1344357 

Here a short video of the liberation