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Son Nieuwe Olympiade is worth gold in China

Son Nieuwe Olympiade is worth gold in China

In 2015, Dr. Zhigang Wang purchased  NL14-1605431NL14-1605431 "Thunder", a son of the Nieuwe Olympiade"Nieuwe Olympiade", who turned out to be worth his weight in gold. He purchased "Thunder" from the Eijerkamp lofts in Brummen and now almost 4 years later it appears "Thunder" has developed into an undeniably top breeder in China.

The children and grandchildren of "Thunder" have won 12 luxury cars in the prestigious Pioneer Club in Beijing.

Evert-Jan, Henk and Dr. Wang in front of one of the 12 luxury cars won by the descendants of the Nieuwe Olympiade"Nieuwe Olympiade".

Dr. Wang paired him to a Gaston v.d. Wouwer hen and this turned out to be a "shot in the roses" as a daughter, CH16-12935 became the 36th Ace Pigeon in the Pioneer Club in 2016. Her performances resulted in winning 5 cars. Dr. Wang repurchased this hen for his breeding loft and together with her brothers and sisters, have increased the quality of his breeding loft tremendously. Paired to Eijerkamp-Janssen x van Loon lines as well as to the famous Gaston v.d. Wouwer "Kaasboer" line, these pigeons, are super performers on the tough races in the Pioneer Club, where the last four races are flown 4 weeks in a row from a distance of 500-500-550-500 km from 3 directions.

There was no stopping them in 2017, the children of CH16-12935 were, without doubt, outstanding. In 2018 Dr. Wang won the first race in the Pioneer Club against 12,000 pigeons with a grandson of "Thunder", and also a youngster out of a brother of this winner flew at the top of the High School of the Chinese pigeon sport.

"Thunder" NL14-1605431NL14-1605431 was bred by Eijerkamp out of the Nieuwe Olympiade"Nieuwe Olympiade" x "Rosie" a great breeding hen out of Rossi"Rossi" x Kadootje"Kadootje" who is top breeder out of the same Nieuwe Olympiade"Nieuwe Olympiade". Again further evidence of the great breeding power of the Nieuwe Olympiade"Nieuwe Olympiade".