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Winners of a pigeon by sending us a result in 2019

Winners of a pigeon by sending us a result in 2019

Every year, pigeon fanciers, from all over the world, send performances of their Eijerkamp pigeons or their descendants to us.
All these performances are given a special place on our website and these performances are also linked to the (grand)parents of these pigeons.
In this way we get a better insight to the success of a pigeon couple which helps us to do even better.
To reward fanciers who submitted performances in 2019, 5 pigeons were available.
The, according to us, 5 best results have been submitted by:

  1. Marco Klein Falckenborg, Beltrum – Netherlands  - With Eijerkamp-Van Loon lines to the national top!
  2. Gert-Jan Beute, Wilhelminaoord – Netherlands - 1st NPO Troyes 530 KM. against 7,372 pigeons with Eijerkamp descendant
  3. Simon Wolf – Switserland - Successful participation One Loft Races by Simon Wolf
  4. Peter Voskamp , Colmschate – Netherlands - 1st Short distance WHZB 2019
  5. Lukasz Klimek, Poland - 1st Polish hen in Cat. G with descendant Don Leo

In 2020 you can also submit your achievements with descendants of Eijerkamp pigeons and have a chance to win a pigeon.