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Rien Weijers winning 1st provincial against 20,306 pigeons with grandson Nieuwe Olympiade

Nieuwe Olympiade"Nieuwe Olympiade" is already a living legend and with another superb performance of Rien Weijers from Groesbeek the fame of the Nieuwe Olympiade"Nieuwe Olympiade" has raised again. On the first middle distance race of the 2020 season Rien Weijers won 1st provincial Chalons en Champagne (333 km) against 20,306 pigeons in Afdeling 8 GOU with a speed of 1411 m.p.m with his blue cock "Justin" NL17-1057344. This cock was entered as first nominated by Rien and won on this difficult race;

  • 1.Provincial Chalons en Champagne against 20,306 pigeons
  • 1.South Chalons en Champagne against 8,637 pigeons
  • 1.Regional Chalons en Champagne against 5,141 pigeons
  • 1.Federation Chalons en Champagne against 1,863 pigeons
  • 1.Club Chalons en Champagne against 570 pigeons

The NL17-344 now won 4x 1st prize in his career

  • 1.Chalons en Champagne - 20,306 pigeons
  • 1.Issoudun - 161 pigeons (6 against 727 pigeons)
  • 1.Tienen - 257 pigeons (18. against 1,262 pigeons)
  • 1.Vierzon - 73 pigeons (20. against 792 pigeons)

"Justin" also won

  • 21. Budel - 1,060 pigeons
  • 26.Niergnies - 2,326 pigeons
  • 29. Nanteuil - 724 pigeons
  • 43. Fay aux Loges - 868 pigeons
  • 60. Chalons - 1,726 pigeons
  • 75. Niergnies - 2,282 pigeons

"Justin" was bred from 2 original Eijerkamp pigeons which were specially selected by Hans and Evert-Jan. Hans and Rien Weijers are very good pigeon friends and so the best of the Eijerkamp lofts also present at the lofts at Rien Weijers.
Father: NL15-1897805NL15-1897805 "Olympic Wonder", direct son Nieuwe Olympiade"Nieuwe Olympiade" x "Rosie" and full brother to "Thunder", one of the best breeding cocks in China at loft of Mr. Zhigang Wang where "Thunder" bred 15 car winners in the prestigious and famous "Pioneer Club". The descendants for Nieuwe Olympiade"Nieuwe Olympiade" are winning in all distances and on all continents in the meantime.
Mother: NL14-1603934NL14-1603934 "Miss Harry", daughter "Frans" x "Miss Harry", direct daughter Harry (J.Hooymans)"Harry (J.Hooymans)".
Again, a massive winner in the loft for Rien Weijers who in the past already won 2x 1st NPO from Blois and Gien and these winners also were bred from a direct Eijerkamp pigeon.