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Freek Wagenaar 1st Olympiade pigeon Cat. H youngsters in 2020

Freek Wagenaar 1st Olympiade pigeon Cat. H youngsters in 2020

Freek Wagenaar from Voorst (NL) was already crowned 1. National champion with the youngsters in 2020 but now he also is proclaimed 1st Olympiade pigeon in the categor Youngsters for the next Olympiade to be held in Romania with his cock, NL20-1244458, "Olympic 458".
NL20-1244458 "Olympic 458"
The stunning list of honours for the NL20-1244458 "Olympic 458" are

  • 1st Olympic pigeon the Netherlands Cat. F Youngsters with a coefficient for 1.792
  • 1. Morlincourt (363 km)   4,365 pigeons
  • 1. Chimay (268 km)         1,441 pigeons (2 - 4,275 pigeons)
  • 4. Nanteuil (432 km)        3,651 pigeons

The nestbrother to "Olympic 458", NL20-1244457 flew unpaired to its perch 7 prizes of 8 entries 

  • 2. Laon (337 km)               5,485 pigeons (1. - 837 pigeons)
  • 21. Nanteuil (413 km)        1,555 pigeons
  • 23.Budel (109 km)             2,070 pigeons
  • 51. Chimay (268 km)         1,441 pigeons
  • 92. Morlincourt (363 km)       764 pigeons
  • 45. Dizy le Gros (322 km)  1,089 pigeons
  • 175.Vervins (304 km)            893 pigeons

The ancestry of the nest brothers for NL20-1244457 and NL20-1244458
Their father carrying the blood lines of the direct Eijerkamp pigeon NL09-1836154NL09-1836154 (line Bartoli"Bartoli") when paired to a pure Eijerkamp pigeon (via comb. Geurtz and Son, from Haalderen) was bred from a full brother Celena"Celena" NL13-1801250NL13-1801250 x a Heremans-Ceusters hen NL10-1271959NL10-1271959 who is a very good breeding hen and (grand)mother to multiple top pigeons. The mother of the Olympic pigeons also carrying again the bloodlines of the NL09-1836154NL09-1836154 (line Bartoli"Bartoli") in here ancestry.
Freek had an excellent racing season in 2020 and at the end of the schedule, he was
* 1st undesignated National Champion Young Pigeons 
* 1st undesignated Champion Young Birds Region North East Afd. 8 
* 1st undesignated Champion Young Birds Afd. 8 (1,900 members)