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Race program 2021

Race program 2021

In this overview you can see all the races in which we will participate this season. (Changes may occur during the season)

      Release Station                                        Distance Afd. Nat. Sector    
code   date              
V14 April 10 Geel 133km      
V15 April 17 Bierges 187km      
V16 April 24 Quievrain 255km      
V17 May 01 Niergnies 299km      
M18 May 08 Morlincourt 359km      
M19 May 15 Nanteuil le Hadouin 408km      
E20 May 22 Chateaudun 564km Afd.    
V20 May 22 Dizy-le-Gros 316km      
M21 May 29 Chalons en Champagne 373km      
E22 June 5 Salbris 598km Afd.    
V22 June 5 Niergnies 299km      
M23 June 12 Melun 455km      
E24 June 19 Bourges 620km Afd.   Sect.3
M24 June 19 Morlincourt 359km      
M25 June 26 Melun 455km      
E26 July 3 Issoudun 647km Afd. Nat  
J26 July 3 Lommel 114km      
M27 July 10 Sens 480km      
J27 July 10 Geel 133km      
E28 July 17 Chateauroux 670km Afd.   Sect.3
J28 July 17 Geel 133km      
J29 July 24 Tienen 166km      
E30 July 31 Chateaudun (reserve race) 564km      
J30 July 31 Bierges 187km      
J31 August 07 Niergnies  299km      
J32 August 14 Morlincourt 359km      
N32 August 14 Geel 133km      
J33 August 21 Chalons en Champagne 373km Afd.    
N33 August 21 Tienen 166km      
J34 August 28 Nanteuil le Hadouin 408km Afd.   Sect.3
N34 August 28 Quievrain 255km      
J35 September 04 Niergnies 299km      
N35 September 04 Niergnies 299km      
J36 September 11 Sens 480km Afd.   Sect.3
N36 September 11 Morlincourt 359km