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Comb. Van Rooij winning 1. Prov. Lessines 19,326 pigeons with 75% Eijerkamp pigeon

Comb. Van Rooij winning 1. Prov. Lessines 19,326 pigeons with 75% Eijerkamp pigeon

The partnership van Rooij ( Tull in ‘t Waal – NL) is improving the results year by year and with a lot of efforts and energy they are now one of the strongest racers in Afdeling 7 in the Netherlands. This also because of some very good investments they have done with several top fanciers including at Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp where they bought several good pigeons from the Heremans-Ceusters and Eijerkamp-Van Loon lines.
NL19-1488241 ‘Davina’, winner against 19,326 pigeons
Davina’ is super hen that topped the provincial list for the partnership beaten all 19,326 competitors with a speed of 1,303 m.p.m. ‘Davina’ was in 2020 already winner of

  • 5. Nat. Ace pigeon Speed De Allerbeste 2020
  • 10. Dutch Olympic pigeon Cat. G Yearlings 2020

The best results for ‘Davina’ are in her career are;

  • 1. Prov. Lessines 19,326 pigeons
  • 3. Prov. Roye 4,260 pigeons
  • 5. Prov. Vervins 11,446 pigeons
  • 6. Prov. Roye 6,208 pigeons
  • 8. Bierges 4,643 pigeons
  • 17. Lessines 7,429 pigeons
  • 47. Prov. Soissons 15,127 pigeons
  • 49. Lessines 6,827 pigeons
  • 59. Prov. Pt. St. Maxence 6,197 pigeons
  • 95. Entroeungt 10,343 pigeons
  • 130. Asse Zellik 10,863 pigeons

 ‘Davina’ was bred from top breeder ‘RaymondNL16-1253633NL16-1253633 which they bought direct through the Eijerkamp webshop and ‘Raymond’ is direct son for supercrack Damien"Damien" when paired to "Mimi", a daughter out of Rossi"Rossi" x Karen"Karen".
The mother for ‘Davina’ is Dafne"Dafne", a prover racing hen from the partnership who won 4x in the Top 40 Provincial against in average over 8,000 pigeons. Dafne"Dafne" is a daughter out of "Djay", NL11-1343838NL11-1343838, another proven breeder who is father to 3 pigeons who won Top 10 Provincial/NPO. "Djay" is full brother to Karen"Karen" who was herself 1. Ace pigeon Youngsters and who is bred from "Ferenc" x "Lady Christje"
The NL20-1323762 won in same race from Lessines the 11th position for the partnership van Rooij against 19,326 pigeons while the week before she won 57. Asse Zellik against 10,863 pigeons. In 2020 she already won 9. NPO Roye against 8,851 pigeons and she is a granddaughter for their top breeder ‘RaymondNL16-1253633NL16-1253633.