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Gebr. Homma fastest from 28,919 pigeons with 50% Eijerkamp pigeon

Gebr. Homma fastest from 28,919 pigeons with 50% Eijerkamp pigeon


The young and fanatic brothers Ydo and Elco Homma from Steggerda bought 2018, at the Eijerkamp lofts, the NL18-1627728NL18-1627728 "Grandson Euro". They picked, together with their friend and loft manager at the Eijerkamp breeding lofts Arnold Paalman, this cock because of the superb genetics from Euro"Euro" and Olympic Hans"Olympic Hans". Now 3 years later they are highly successful with the descendants for this cock as he is father in meantime for 3x 1st prizewinner. Now last weekend a direct daughter for him winning the 1. Chimay against 14,805 pigeons in section 11 but which also was fastest for the whole release from sections 10 and 11 against 28,919 pigeons. The race from Chimay went very successful for the Homma Bros as they won 1-3-19-54-57-98 etc. and won 33 prize cards out of the 43 pigeons basketed.


NL20-1064191 "Luna", winner of the 1st Chimay - 14,805 pigeons
This smokey blue hen won the 1st Chimay (336 km) against 14,805 pigeons with a speed of 1257 m.p.m. in section 11 Friesland. She was in 2020 as youngster only raced 5 times on the Natour Speed races and after completing the season she also was entered in the special late-bred races in Urk in which she was released with a lot of pigeons from the south-west of Holland in order to complete the last 100 km always by themselves.
The results for the "Luna" in her short career in the lofts of the Homma Bros are

  • 1. Chimay 14,805 pigeons
    Fastest 28,919 pigeons
  • 5. Sittard 305 pigeons
  • 6. Heusden 2,209 pigeons
  • 7. Sittard 163 pigeons
  • 8. Boxtel 1,729 pigeons
  • 11. Chimay  704 pigeons
  • 12. Vervins 172 pigeons
  • 30. Burdinne 2,263 pigeons

Father: NL18-1627728NL18-1627728 "Grandson Euro" bred from Magic Euro"Magic Euro", son Euro"Euro" x "Perla Rossi", when paired to "Felice", direct daughter for Olympic Hans"Olympic Hans" x "Pretty Lady" who is daughter of the legendary Jackpot"Jackpot".

Mother: B15-6106631 direct Gebr. Vann den Brande and daughter for "Ace Noyon" winner 9x 1st prize and who became 1st Ace pigeon Noyon races 2013 and 1st Ace pigeon Noyon races 2015.


Magic Euro



"Magic Euro'
is father to 2019 youngster winning
6. Nat. Ace pigeon Speed Natour WHZB 2019
1. Quievrain 6,209 pigeons
3. Etrouengt 6,652 pigeons
11. Prov. Niergnies 6,829 pigeons
17. Tienen 1,752 pigeons
85. Prov. Niergnies 10,065 pigeons
'Magic Euro' is grandfather
  1. Chimay 14,805 pigeons
  fastest 28,919 pigeons
1. Deurne 354 pigeons
1. Burdinne             198 pigeons


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Daughter "Olympic Hans", winner a.o.
1. Olympiad pigeon All-round Brusseles
3. Nat Ace One-Day Distance WHZB
1. NPO Chateauroux.     3,120 pigeons
1. Mons 1,847 pigeons
1. Peronne 683 pigeons
2. NPO Nanteuil 4,476 pigeons
3. Heusden-Zolder 2,537 pigeons
9. NPO Bourges 3,815 pigeons
17. NPO Auxerre 5,518 pigeons

Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp
Cortenoeverseweg 82
6971 JK Brummen (NL)
Tel: +31 575 538555