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Jared, a direct Eijerkamp-van Loon is super breeder for Marko Klein Falckenborg

Jared, a direct Eijerkamp-van Loon is super breeder for Marko Klein Falckenborg

Another great performance in the loft for the partnership Klein Falckenborg - Nijhof in the 2021 season with again a descendant for his top breeder "Jared" NL16-1254647NL16-1254647. Now his daughter "Venus", NL20-1760955, won 2. Nanteuil (422 km) against 1,788 pigeons and 8. Provincial against 17,101 pigeons. She already won earlier already several top prizes including;

  • 22. Quievrain 13,286 pigeons
  • 39. Bierges 18,230 pigeons
  • 68. Morlincourt 8,037 pigeons

"Venus", 2nd Nat. Ace pigeon youngsters De Allerbeste 2020
"Venus" is nest-sister to "Serena", who was the superstar in the loft for Marco Klein Falckenborg in 2020, as this hen became 2nd National Ace pigeon Youngsters De Allerbeste. "Serena" is also 50% Eijerkamp blood as her father is again "Jared", a direct Eijerkamp van Loon cock which Marco bought with Evert-Jan Eijerkamp in the winter for 2016.
NL20-1760956 "Serena", 2nd National Ace pigeon Youngsters in 2020

  • 1. Bierges 1,291 pigeons     
    7. Prov. against 18,230 pigeons
  • 2. Nanteuil 2,085 pigeons
    9. NPO against 5,892 pigeons
  • 2. Quievrain    158 pigeons
    60. against 12,384 pigeons
  • 7. Dizy le Gros            2,993 pigeons
    12. NPO against 10,198 pigeons
  • 21. Dizy le Gros 2,093 pigeons
  • 13. Quievrain 1,224 pigeons
  • 29. Quievrain 1,638 pigeons

Father: NL16-1254647NL16-1254647 "Jared", a superb Van Loon bred from the golden Van Loon bloodlines in the Eijerkamp lofts as he is bred from Gabriel"Gabriel" x "Kania". Gabriel"Gabriel" is full brother to wonderhen Celena"Celena", winner 3x TOP 10 NPO incl. 1. NPO Peronne and who is bred from Streetfighter"Streetfighter" x Kentucky"Kentucky". Gabriel"Gabriel" already is proven breeder as he in meantime is grandfather now to 3 different first prize winners incl. 1. Nat. Bialystock 21,563 pigeons.
The mother to "Jared" is "Kania", another proven Van Loon hen who is direct daughter for Special Kaïn"Special Kaïn". So, all Eijerkamp top lines to be found in this super breeding cock.
Mother: NL13-1723416 "Red Star", a very good breeding hen which was bred at the loft for Jan and Enrico Doldersum in Almelo.

"Jared", 7th Nat. Ace pigeon Youngsters WHZB 2019
"Jared" also is grandfather to, "Fabulous" NL19-1447156, 7th National Ace pigeon youngsters WHZB 2019 for Marco. The 19-1447156 was winner of

  • 6. Quievrain 1,295 pigeons
  • 10. Melun 575 pigeons
  • 28. Morlincourt 938 pigeons
  • 31. NPO Sens 1447 pigeons
  • 43. Quievrain 4,340 pigeons
  • 88. Bierges 7,321 pigeons

"Fabulous" also is grandchild to NL16-1254606NL16-1254606 another direct Eijerkamp - Van Loon and bred from Optimus"Optimus", a direct son of Fabio"Fabio", when paired to "Irena", who is full sister to Celena"Celena" and Gabriel"Gabriel".
Marco has a lot of contacts to Evert-Jan who also helps Marko sometimes with some tips and tricks on the young bird system.