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Al-Watri Loft is winning 4. Prize Hot Spot 4 Victoria Falls OLR with 50% Eijerkamp pigeon

Al-Watri Loft is winning 4. Prize Hot Spot 4 Victoria Falls OLR with 50% Eijerkamp pigeon

Fahad Al-Watri is a top fancier in Kuwait and also very successful worldwide in several One-Loft Races. In this moment he is performing outstanding in the Victoria Falls OLR as he is a.o. winner of 1st prize in Hot Spot 3 and 4th prize in Hot Spot 4 and this last one is bred from a direct Eijerkamp pigeon as the mother is NL13-1804505NL13-1804505 "Dutch Diva".
Fahad bought this pure Heremans-Ceusters hen in an auction at Pipa and she was sold as at mother to the 1st Olympic pigeon for France at the Poznan Olympiade.
Click here to see this superb reference /latest-news/68835/michel-dauchez-fr-in-his-84th-year-dreams-of-participating-in-the-olympiad
"Dutch Diva" is bred from a direct Leo Heremans cock B12-6321459B12-6321459, who is son of the legendary "Blauwe As" and mother is NL11-1344273NL11-1344273 bred from the famous Dion"Dion" X Mysterious"Mysterious".
The KW Watanya 20-221674 is winning in Zimbabwe until now in the 4 Hot Spot Races;

  • Hot Spot 4 - 4./2,918 pigeons 374 km
  • Hot Spot 3 - 354./4,224 pigeons 318 km
  • Hot Spot 2 - 2,631./4,598 pigeons 235 km
  • Hot Spot 1 - 2,070./5,071 pigeons 192 km

Currently she is standing 65th Ace pigeon in the Grand Average.



"Dion" is winner of
5. Olympiade Pigeon Cat A Dortmund 2009
1. Boxtel 19,605 pigeons
1. Boxtel  4,054 pigeons
1. Peronne  3,465 pigeons
4. Arras  7,572 pigeons
4. Strombeek  2,204 pigeons
9. Geel  1,469 pigeons
Descendants to "Dion" won a.o.
1. Semi Nat. Esaouira  15,540 pigeons
1. Strombeek 6,727 pigeons
1. NPO Peronne 6,668 pigeons
1. Strombeek 5,651 pigeons
1. St. Job in't Goor 5,547 pigeons
1. Strombeek 5,547 pigeons

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